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A Simple Battlefield 1 Walkthrough: BF1 in a Nutshell


A Simple Battlefield 1 Walkthrough: BF1 in a NutshellBF1 is a title that managed to impress even the most satiated veterans of the genre pushing the limits of modern game making to completely new boundaries. Due to so many people playing it, the buzz around the title never quiets down. If you need a thorough battlefield 1 walkthrough, you will be able to find one on may forums and news websites. The official battlefield 1 walkthrough/guide from DICE is also a good choice for novices.

This game is not a single player title where you can just win the game. Much like the internet it cannot be technically won. You may win against other players, but there is no simple battlefield 1 walkthrough where you read about simple steps that will guide you to the victory screen. However, some guidelines will help you to significantly improve your win rate.

Tips and Tricks for BF1 Players

This is a multiplayer game with massive amounts of players participating from both sides meaning that a single perfect set of steps that guarantee you a victory simple does not exist. However, if you are to walk through Battlefield 1 maps with ease, you need to follow simple rules that will dramatically improve your results.

  • Teamplay and roleplaying are very important. Medics must be constantly around dishing out health packs and ammunition. Scouts must spot enemies and gather information. As a class player, you must be a part of a well-oiled machine. You must be effective at what your class is supposed to be doing. Also medics should never forget about prioritization. Healing elites is more important than anything else.
  • Communication and leadership. Walkthroughs for Battlefield 1 are impossible to write because the game is so reliant on interactions between players. While being a good shoot or a very energetic medic is great, without a vocal leader who directs the squad, the victory is much harder to obtain. Always be communicative, talk with your squad mates, share information about enemies’ positions, and just be friendlier to each other in general.
  • Focus on objectives. Many players forget that the main goal is a win and not improving your personal records. Your allies must be victorious allowing all of you to get more battlepacks. Any walkthrough for Battlefield 1 will tell you that playing for objectives is more important than trying to be more effective personally. Sacrificing your opportunity to get a kill or spending time in less populated but tactically important locations will give you significant advantages on the map.

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