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The CS:GO Price and Saving Money While Buying Games


The modern world is less forgiving than a couple of decades ago and being frugal is often a necessity rather than an idea. We have to try save money on each purchase and with CS:GO prices going up, it is quite important to learn where and when to purchase copies of this game. Why would you need to buy multiple copies? There could be a couple of reasons.

  1. You have a bunch of friends that you want to get in. Cheap Counter-Strike Global Offensive CD-keys as presents will often be on your mind.
  2. Your main account has been banned for either cheating or inappropriate behavior. You may want to purchase a new game for a brand new Steam account.
  3. You want to get a new account to smurf and wreck newbs from time to time. Nothing shameful in such desires.

There can be a whole bunch of other possible reasons to get a new copy for yourself or your friends and relatives. Depending on the country you live in, the price can go from $7 to $15 on Steam without sales accounted for. You can save a lot of money if you learn where and when to buy stuff.

Online Shopping: Tips and Tricks

There are several important things that you must do whenever you shop for goods, digital or actual. We will try to cover all important aspects of online shopping. When copies of CS:GO cost up to $15, you will have to be more careful when paying a top CS:GO price.

  • Always wait for a discount. Steam is famous for its generous offers and incredible seasonal deals. Sadly, not everyone wants to wait for a long time before they can purchase the game. Remember that the CS:GO price can go down to a couple of bucks on special occasions and 10%-15% quite regularly.
  • Fish for better deals at big online stores. Companies like G2A will often have better offers than original sellers. You may also be interested in their loyalty programs, 10% cashbacks, and many other interesting options. You can also purchase special global keys that will work anywhere on the planet which is a good thing for people who have friends overseas.
  • Purchase global keys preemptively. If you see a very good price, don’t hesitate to grab several copies of Counter Strike Global Offensive, cheap keys can be later sold for profit on sites like G2A or forums. You may even trade them for skins on special websites.
  • Use special programs. There are exclusive offers from American Express and Amazon where you can save special points or coins to spend them on other goods. If these programs benefit your lifestyle, don’t be shy to use them and cut down CS:GO costs.

If you need a copy of Counter Strike Global Offensive, cheap deals are your main goal. Costly CS:GO copies are for rich whales. You can go frugal.

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