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Many Issues with BF1 Bomber Aiming


Many Issues with BF1 Bomber AimingOne of the most interesting features in the Battlefield game series is that you can use all sorts of weaponry and war machinery to bring havoc to the fields of conflict. Ravaging and scorching the land beneath you with devastating bombs is a great fun. Why bombers are cool?

  1. They affect the whole battlefield;
  2. They can easily help to move troops around and bring artillery to where it’s needed;
  3. They are great means of transportation.

However, there are many issues related to aim, BF1 bomber usage is quite a problem for many players. We first noticed that there are problems with using a BF1 bomber aim when people started talking about not being able to see the land underneath them when on the plane and trying to use the bomb dropping device. You simply didn’t see anything and never knew whether you would destroy an enemy with the next bomb or simply whiff it away. There is nothing more frustrating that wasting the whole load on an empty part of a desert.

Bombers in the game are very valuable strategic assets that allow to quickly change the pace of the battle by devastating large groups of enemies with a single blow. This is why using the BF1 bomber aim is so important and requires finesse and enough intel to direct the bomb and actually affect the outcome of a gunfight happening on the ground.

The Problem with Sights

When you approach the bomb mechanism, you can simply release the bomb. However, you will not see where the bomb is going to fall making the whole bombing process rather useless. This happened to many players in the earliest stages of the game when many did not even know that a special device for passengers of BF1 bombers to aim actually was implemented. There was a special button for it even (3 or Y on the Xbox controller/triangle on PS4 controller).

What was the pickle? When you ran to the device and smashed the button, nothing happened. For many players at least. Some were very confused and frustrated and all due to a simple problem with the player view. Players who had issues with the BF1 bombers’ aim were mostly players using the 3rd person view meaning that they could not switch to aiming from the plane. This problem is still not fixed and you have to go to in-game settings and change the player view in order to use the feature appropriately.


Very often problems related to in-game physics and mechanics are not that complicated. In fact, the vast majority of them you can easily solve in a couple of clicks. The glitch with the BF1 bombers’ aiming is a perfect example. You don’t need to install anything or tweak the options for hours. Just switch from the 3rd person view to the 1st person view and you will be golden!

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