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Why Is There so Many Hackers in CS:GO?


cs go paid hacksThere is no doubt that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the FPS genre juggernaut. It is a logical continuation of a tradition that started many years ago by Half-Life modders who wanted something more from a typical shooter. Instead of hunting for alien monsters and Nazis, the new game offered a unique opportunity to experience the modern warfare from different perspectives. Even at the dawn of the new FPS game we wondered why so many hackers in CS:GO ruin experience for other players.

We do not talk about gamers who just slightly adjusted their aim or used other simple ticks, but those who blatantly used spinbots and obnoxiously ruined games just for fun. These griefers always found ways to negatively affect the gaming community. There are obvious reasons why so many hackers in CS:GO exist in the first place.

  • People want to be in the center of attention especially when they are going through adolescence.
  • Some players just enjoy the feel of having other players in control or holding them hostages of various situations.
  • Some gamers genuinely want to be the best on the server but go a little too far with cheats.

So many hackers in CS:GO are simple-minded people who do not want their cheating software to do anything but give them a couple of minutes of gratification. Modern cheaters changed quite a bit and there is a whole community of people who know why using various assisting software is beneficial for them. Being a part of such communities is interesting and allows you to take a glimpse at how other people think about the game and their reasoning for cheating.

Too many hackers in CS:GO is definitely not good and will undeniably ruin the experience for everyone. A single blatant cheater is also enough to corrupt the game. Gaining a small competitive edge and subtly using various cheats to have an upper hand is one thing. Running around and spinbotting spraying and praying but dishing out headshots is a different story.

The Future of Counter-Strike

The VAC system continues to evolve and adapt. There is a quite potent Overwatch system that also works well enough to scare some irresponsible cheaters. It is normal to hack in CS:GO for so many people that we don’t really expect the community to get rid of this subculture. However, we think that the community adapted as well. Websites and forums where cheaters gather and discuss new soft became places for elite that is willing to pay for a better experience.

Too many hackers in CS:GO is bad, but we are steadily moving to the point where there is just enough of them.

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