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Can You Get a Copy of CS:GO for Free?


While a $10 price tag may not seem like a big deal to some people, many will consider a game for this sum an unnecessary luxury. There are many people who also do not think that games should be priced at this level. However, modern games are made by professionals and their job costs a lot of money. Prices are fair but it does not mean that everyone can afford games. If you are thinking about ways to get CS:GO for free, we may have a couple of interesting suggestions for you.

Multiple copies of CS:GO for free is a dream for many people. Some may desire to invite their friends in the game. Some want to get a new account for their own reasons. Free CS:GO is actually an in-demand thing.

Where You Can Get a Copy

It may seem that there are no ways to get the game without spending a dime and it is true for the most part, but certain ways to obtain a copy or two exist. You may spend a couple of dollars here and there, but it will be massively cheaper than paying the full price. So let us talk about getting the freest CS:GO copy you can dream of.

  • Participate in raffles and lotteries on streaming platforms and trading platforms. Popular streamers, companies like G2A, and YouTubers will often give away copies of games or vouchers that you can later spend in online stores. Do not turn away from such opportunities, you may very well get a free key for CS:GO this way.
  • Ask your friends to gift you the game. We all have richer friends who will make a gift not due to being overly generous but because they know that you cannot afford a copy. Don’t be shy to ask them to get you a copy during a sale when they can get it with a 10%-30% discount.
  • Be frugal and wait for a massive discount. There are certain periods and seasonal deals in Steam when you can get a game for a couple of bucks or even a symbolic handful of cents. There were moments when you could get a copy of CS:GO for “free” (90% discount is essentially “free”).
  • Purchase it with Amazon coins or something similar. Many companies with online shops or credit card operators will incentivize you to spend more and accumulate special loyalty points that you can later spend on digital goods. Just get enough for a brand new copy of CS:GO.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a great game that can be compared to some of the best titles in the market. The amount of care and work invested in this product is immeasurable. This is a game that definitely costs its money, but you can try to avoid spending when you don’t want to.

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