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Our Favorite Counter-Strike Maps


Counter-strike mapsThe history of this game spans across several decades. We have actual generations of players and some of them carried the interest to this title from times when it was a semi-competitive mode for Half-Life. We are amongst those diehard fans who stayed with this title through all ups and downs. Let’s talk about the best Counter-Strike maps that we personally love and adore for many different reasons.


One of the first competitive landscapes for scenarios with bombing was a great place. It had vibrant blue sky, lots of open spaces, two distinctively different bomb sites, and was criminally CT-sided. However, people loved this game with broken timings and weirs wallbangs. This is one of those Counter-Strike maps that changed the game and lured in a lot of casual players. Many young gamers started learning b-hopping, wallbangs, and other neat tricks just to be good at this particular map.

De_aztec had a great bridge over a canal with water. This was great for people who actually paid attention to sounds. A careful player could easily hold the crossing without even peeking the enemy. It was a great map with not much tactics but a lot of opportunities to show off your raw mechanical skill. We definitely think that this is one of the best Counter-Strike maps.


The first iteration of one of the most popular maps in the history of this game was an attempt to bring the charm of middle-east to the digital space of Half-Life engine. Instead of too many open spaces we now had a bunch of tight corridors and dangerous crossings. This map was a bit more balanced and the defending side did not have an overwhelming advantage. If you are looking for good maps for Counter-Strike, revisiting this one is a great idea. Also, you will finally get some rest from constant string of de_dust2 and de_mirage in your death matches.


The king of death match and one of the most popular Counter-strike map examples in the history of the game. While many modern players know de_dust2 mostly due to its prevalence in death matches especially in the early stages of the game when we did not have strict rules about map voting on public servers. This is a game defining counter-strike map with all features that we love this game for.

An area with darkish tight corridors, a really tough to take B-site, a great middle area that is aggressively contested by snipers, a balanced open space on the entrance to A-site, and many other great layout elements made this bomb scenario one of the favorites for the whole community and it is being reworked right now.

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