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Why Do We Have CS:GO Patches?


CS:GO PatchesOnce in a while you get annoyed with the necessity to download and install a new CS:GO patch. Sometimes, it is a small package of data. Sometimes, it is a big CS:GO patch that can be the same size as the original installation pack. Why do we have to regularly augment the game? Why can’t we just use the game in the form we purchased it in? Let us talk about all these annoying bulks of data that we have to download from time to time.

Fixing bugs and errors

Sadly, this is not the perfect game that has absolutely flawless code and does not have any problems. There are various issues regarding the UI and gameplay that need to be fixed asap in order for the game to bring joy to millions of players. At the same time, some of those bugs and problems could be gamebreaking and significantly affect the integrity of competition. For example, we all remember when we could see enemies clearly through smokes with different visual settings.

A recent problem with crouch peeking was also exposed and abused during one of the major tournaments. Every CS:GO patch tries to actually cover those holes and make your experience a bit more entertaining and enjoyable.

Balancing the game

The competitive nature of the game creates a lot of heat within the community. Thousands of knowledgeable and not so people are regularly arguing whether we need to increase the damage or clip sizes of various CT guns. We have many defenders of the idea that pistols should be nerfed and provide less consistence at long ranges.

Balancing and ensuring that both attackers and defenders have near equal chances to win the round makes this game as exciting an adrenaline inducing as it is. The developers pay attention to both high levels of play and matches played between guys in match-making. There were weird patches for CS:GO like the one that brought to us the first iteration of R8.

Improving performance

Another big problem that Valve tries to fix is that the game must be visually appealing look good compared to the competition yet run on comparatively weak machines. If a gamer cannot play the game, Valve loses a customer. When the game was initially released we barely had problems with performance, but more people meant more system configurations and with time we had more and more players complaining about low fps. Some CS:GO patches aimed at improving their experience.


We should be thankful for having a company that regularly updates the game and make it enjoyable for everyone. CS:GO patching is a very important process that keeps the game alive!

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