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What Is a CS:GO Bot?


CS:GO BotBot is a shortened version of the word “robot”. It is a program that is run by elementary AI and controls characters that are not controlled by players. To put it simply, CS:GO bots are all those computer controlled enemies and allies that you encounter on death-match servers when there is not enough players. The term is much wider and will talk about various uses for CS:GO bots and why you should love them.


One of the first ever introduced to the community versions of a good AI opponent was independently developed CS:GO bot called podbot. It was a flexible program with many different settings. You could change the difficulty manipulating parameters like accuracy, reaction speed, recoil control, and many others. Another cool thing was that you could easily write navigation maps for bots without even leaving the game. You only needed to use some “bind” commands and other console commands.

This was a really efficient and good for practicing CS:GO bot that was the favorite for millions of players all over the world. It existed throughout many versions of the game, but when new iterations of the game started appearing, it was replaced.

Modern bots

Today, we have bots programmed by VALVE developers. You cannot really make them impossible to beat like those crazy good unfair podbots. Even at difficulty 10 you can compete against them. These bots for CS:GO are quite good and can be programmed easily by map makers which made it easier for them to create practice maps without much time dumped into creating or using custom bot programs.

You can use them to practice aiming, to learn how to lurk in blind spots, and just have fun killing them. The vast majority of professional gamers use various maps swarming with AI-controlled opponents to warm up before games and train aim regularly. We should be happy that we have so many interesting ways to creatively affect training environments without having to come up with something on our own. Modern CS:GO bots are flexible and can be fine tuned for any given situation.

In Match-Making

One of the biggest complains from the community is that bots that replace players that got kicked or left during a competitive game are really dumb and follow radio orders inconsistently. We know that developers are capable of creating bots with better buys, movement patterns, and even aim. While no one wants bots to be better than players, we all want to have our fifth player not griefing intentionally and running around with negevs.


Bots are very important for the game and we will undeniably have better and improved versions of AI-controlled opponents in the future. There are also custom bots that you can use for practice and private games.

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