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Battlefield 1 Warf Bonds Explained


Battlefield 1 Warf Bonds ExplainedWhen this game hit the market, people were more than happy to jump straight into the action, but the amount of small glitches, physics bugs, and problems with the UI quickly cooled down many enthusiasts. One of the points of criticism was the newly introduced system of battlefield 1 war bonds – a special in-game currency that was earned for leveling up different classes of soldiers. While the idea was not the freshest out there, the execution felt lacking to say the least.

Even from the get go many realized that such gating method is not really interesting and only limits the enjoyment for newer players. The inability to simply pay for all the guns in the game was quite disappointing for some users. Battlefields 1 war bonds were earned each level. The system lived through several notable changes over the course of the year, but the core mechanic is still the same.

For each new level from 1 to 70 you earn 570 battlefield 1 war bonds per level. The last time you receive a nice pack of 930 bonds for reaching the level 70. Despite being able to continue grinding the experience, you will not be able to get any more currency. This was also something that players immediately picked up on. However, the team of developers noted that some new expansions and DLCs may introduce new unlockable content that could be purchased with war bonds in battlefield 1.

Facts and numbers

There are several interesting facts about the leveling system in the game. While some of the information may sound useless (and it is), you will be interested in some numbers about experience and battlefield 1 warbonds.

  • You need to get to the level 70 on order to accumulate enough currency to purchase every single unlockable item in the game. Since the level cap in the game is set at 100, the ride through last 30 levels feels disappointingly fruitless.
  • In order to get to the 100th level, you will need to earn exactly 20 million experience points which is a big milestone to pass for a lot of players. Note that less than 19% of that amount is required to unlock everything while the rest 16 million EXP is earned during the grind for last 30 levels.
  • The easiest class to level up is pilot due to the fact that you need only 25 thousand EXP points to level up once. You get the same amount of war bonds in battlefield 1 regardless of how you rank up.

There is also a very annoying bug related to the in-game currency system. You may end up with more war bonds than you can actually spend.

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