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Battlefield 1 Tips and Tricks: How to Improve


Battlefield 1 Tips and TricksIf you want to become one of those players who are reigning on virtual fields of this incredibly intense online game, you will need to learn a couple of Battlefield 1 tips that will make you a better player. The competition is fierce in this perfectly built world where the speed of reaction and the precision of crosshair movements often decide the outcome of any given battle.

While you need really good innate abilities, there are several cool Battlefield 1 tips that will make you a great all-around player. If you want to become better, you will need to train hard and watch a bunch of useful informative video guides that contain high quality Battlefield 1 multiplayer tips for both noobs and experienced players.

Different Methods of Improving

The one and only area of focus for newer players is mechanics. Learning intricacies of the game in and out while understanding how to move around and aim perfectly well during an intense shoot-out – these are qualities of a real virtual warrior. If you want to learn faster, concentrate your attention on several key aspects:

  • In every single first-person shooter, the mechanic of aiming is different. The nuances depend on a multitude of factors including how the trajectory of bullets is calculated, how the server and the client are communicating, and even the field of view. Pick your perfect sensitivity and get used to your mouse.
  • Moving smoothly. There are many battlefield 1 tips that will help you to improve movement. Learning how to jump from one place to another, avoid being spotted by the enemy, and use covers is extremely important if you want to be successful in this game.

Obtaining deeper knowledge about the game is also quite important. Some battlefield 1 multiplayer tips will contain information about using map landscape efficiently or understanding how to pick the right duel. If you need some really useful Battlefield 1 multiplayer tips, we highly recommend you to use the following sources of information:

  • Video guides from professional players and streamers. They often will tell you little neat details about maps and methods of using the landscape. Learn from your favorite players and follow their guidelines.
  • Use Reddit. This aggregator is a great place to meet other passionate users who are ready to give you an advice. Instead of searching for a specific guide, just ask how you can improve on a particular aspect of the game. You will receive a plenty of advices.

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