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Problems Related to Battlefield 1 Aim Stuttering and How to Fix Them


battlefield 1 aim stuttering Aiming is one of the most important aspects of in-game mechanics. You can run around really well and know how to avoid direct fire from the enemy, but inability to aim will be your demise in 100% of scenarios. It is extremely painful when something affects the way you aim and disrupt the experience for you. There were several issues with Battlefield 1 aim stuttering and we want to give you a couple of hints how to fix them.

Origins Overlay Issue

If you are a person who frequently uses the Origins Overlay to chat with your friends or simply to browse store and exploring other features while in game, you will often notice that after switching to a new gun in the battlefield 1, aim stuttering starts happening. The jittery and wonky movements of the crosshair that won’t go away even after a couple of minutes. Sometimes the issue fixes itself, sometimes not.

The problem persisted for many players and rumored to be related to certain GPUs. As of right now, the problem is no longer a big issue and happens very rarely. However, you can easily fix it in game by minimizing the game window (press alt+tab). This also works for people who are playing with the windowed mode.

The Gas Grenade Problem

Some reported yet another Battlefield 1 aim stuttering issue. This time, related to the usage of gas grenades. Here are the symptoms:

  • If you run in the smoke generated by one, you will experience a strange inability to move mouse around normally;
  • While frames per second are good, the movements become very choppy and laggy;
  • You can see other graphic elements move normally but cannot move the viewfield.

Just as usual, the solution was quickly found for this problem.

This is not a game breaking bug. In battlefield 1, the aim stuttering is something quite common and will happen to many players. In this case, it was caused by the conflict between the GPU and mouse drivers. Users of Logitech G series had problems with software that resulted in this very interesting Battlefield 1 aim stutter issue.

The Direct X Problem

Another simple solution for Battlefield 1 aim stutter issues that you cannot explain otherwise is to simply downgrade from DX12 to DX11. This is possible in settings of the game where you can choose which version of DX you want to utilize. While DX12 is considered to be superior, there are certain problematic aspects that have not been yet fixed. Just switch to Direct X11 and see if this is something that helps with aim stuttering. It is a method that worked for thousands of players all across the world.

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