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A Comprehensive BF1 Aim Guide


BF1 Aim GuideTo be a great WW1 fighter, you will need to become a great sniper and a very mobile solider who brings havoc all over the field. In order to do so, you will have to follow a series of very simple yet important instructions. Our BF1 aim guide will help you to quickly become a very good sniper. You can avoid reading a boring and overly long battlefield 1 aim guide such as this one by simply purchasing a high quality cheat, but if you are determined to better yourself instead of enjoying the results right here and right now, this BF1 aim guide is for you.

Start with the Settings

It is very important to prepare the environment and all necessary conditions to perform to higher standards. Here are several things from this BF1 aim guide that you must follow to adjust your game according to your preferences before jumping straight into the action:

  • Mouse sensitivity. There is nothing more important for a sniper than being able to precisely move the crosshair. To reduce the margin of errors, just lower (or increase) the sensitivity. Actually, any good BF1 aim guide will start from this tip.
  • Adjust the ADS/Recoil settings. Using default numbers is not always the best thing. You should test it for yourself and find the best combination. You can find a more detailed Battlefield 1 aim guide related to tweaking ADS/Recoil according to your preferences.
  • Change the Uniform Soldier Aiming Efficiency. This is a special programmed compensation for different aspect rations of the screen. The default setting is 1.33 meaning that the aiming is optimized for screen with the ration of 4:3. To adjust it to 16:9 use 1.77. To adjust it to 21:9 use 2.33.
  • Adjust the dead zone setting. This is very important for controller users. You will need to play with this setting in order to find the right spot. Different controllers have different “dead zones”.

Practice for Long Periods of Time

There is nothing more important than simple practice. If you do not want to let your teammates down and become a better sniper quickly, just go training. Any BF1 aiming guide will tell you that you need to perform several thousand repeated attempts to hit the target before you see any improvement what so ever. Load a bot game and practice to shoot at specific distances, at certain places on the map, and repeat the process until you feel confident that you can do it in the real game.

Be calm and collected in games. Did you know that being nervous reduces the hand-eye coordination by a huge margin? This is the last tip of our comprehensive and short Battlefield 1 aiming guide.

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