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BF1 Aim Glitches and Problems


BF1 Aim Glitches and ProblemsWhile Battlefield One was an undeniable commercial success and totally moved the whole franchise a big step further, many players were baffled with, admittedly small, technical errors and funny bugs. Some of them were harmless and did not affect the competitive integrity of an online shooter, but some were quite disruptive. A simple BF1 aim glitch can easily change the outcome of a gunfight.

Given the sheer size of some conflicts on the virtual field, we can assume that a BF1 aim glitch is a much bigger problem than a similar problem in a less large-scale FPS. Note that some BF1 aim glitches can be easily recreated and there are thousands of evidence that some problems with in-game mechanics exist and we want to talk about some of them.

Misaligned sights

This problem started to appear immediately after the release and was somewhat noticeable during the beta-test. However, this BF1 in-game aim glitch was not that repetitive and obnoxious during playtests and developers decided to let it slip through. Additionally, some devs then came out and told us that we could change the likelihood of occurrence by changing the value of the “dead zone” feature in the option. Increasing this value should have helped, but many people continued to experience this BF1 aim glitch.

The bug was related to the alignment of the crosshair with the model sight on the weapon. For many people this was not a problem as they could continue using the crosshair to aim in some cases, but people who had to rely on using guns’ sights to take aim were affected heavily. This BF1 aim glitch occurred fairly frequently and dying several time to reset it often did not help.

The Problem with Sights

Another big issue that has been persistent in the game since BF4 came out is the problem with running and trying to aim through the model scope of the gun. Trying to scope would stop you in place and prevent you from accelerating to the running speed again instead of quickly switching between two types of the player view. This was and still is a big immersion problem and dramatically affected the experience of many players. Suggested solutions:

  1. Switch to the 1st person view;
  2. Change ADS settings;
  3. Do not use ADS when sprinting from one cover to another.

BF1 aiming glitches are quite common and happen on the regular basis, but some bugs like this are known to the community and developers for years and have not been addressed.

Some solutions

There are several types of assisting software that you could use to affect the very mechanics of aiming allowing you to avoid those really annoying bugs and issues. Using aimbots basically nullifies issues like these.

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