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How to Get Battlepacks in BF1


How to Get Battlepacks in BF1Many players wonder whether a way of getting battlepacks in BF1 efficiently and quickly exist. Before we jump straight into the matter, let’s learn more about how to get battlepacks in BF1 and what you can get from them.

Packs are a simple way of distributing in-game cosmetics in this game and were introduced to the community in previous titles as well. If you want to have a fancy looking gun, you will have to work to obtain them. If you want to know how to get battlepacks in BF1, you need to understand that this is a way for developers to further monetize the game and add more content to it. There are no easy ways of getting them.

Battlepacks can be obtain through several methods:

  1. By simply playing the game and steadily improving your results in order to survive more often and receive gifts.
  2. By purchasing special packs from the store. These packs will contain much better loot and will allow you to avoid getting low grade cosmetics.

Sadly, there are no other ways of getting the loot. If you are promised for cheat-codes or special programs that will give you free packs, do not use such services. These hacks do not exist and will likely make a victim to malevolent software. Instead, let’s focus on how to get battlepacks in BF1 efficiently and steadily.

Consistency Is the Key

The only reliable way to get more loot in this game is to play regularly without pauses and long hiatuses. Each time you start a game, you have a chance of getting a nice battlepack that may contain an epic skin for your favorite gun. Note that getting better at the game will increase the frequency of loot drops but not the quantity. The maximum amount of drops per month is capped for each player and you won’t be able to get more skins for playing an extremely big number of games. Just log in and play a couple of battles systematically.

If you want to know how to get battlepacks in BF1 efficiently, learn to be patient and think about your expenditures. Wait for special discounts and purchase loot boxes when they are more affordable. If you are not spending your money on stuff when the moment is right, you will be looking at a big hole in your pocket by the end of the month.

Important note! We cannot stress enough how important it is to carefully check the providers of cheating software that you use. Reliable developers will never promise you a way to get boxes for free. Battlepacks are issued only to people who purchased them or got through playing, there are no other ways of getting them.

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