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How to Become a Better Aimer in Battlefield 1?


bf1 aim tipsThere are millions of BF1 aim tips out there from professionals and casual players. We want to give a quick summary of all those suggestions and hints that will actually help you to become a much better digital warrior. If you need some working Battlefield 1 aim tips, just keep on reading and you will soon learn more about being a much more lethal sniper for your team!

If You Use a Controller…

First of all, don’t. Secondly, you can easily improve the accuracy by simple turning off the vibration of the controller in the in-game options. Surely, all BF1 tips will suggest you doing it. While vibration may add some more to the immersive experience and increase the intensity of any given gunfight, you will very frequently move the joystick or the controller in a less controlled manner when you feel the vibration thus reducing the precision of your actions.

If You Use a Mouse…

First of all, congratulations. Secondly, you will need to use a couple of very old FPS techniques that come from dark ages of shooters when Counter-Strike 1.1. appeared on the scene. It was a time of quick aiming in Quake and Half-Life deathmatches. However, in CS you had to hold angles and quickly react to close quarter combat situations meaning that swinging movements of the crosshair were suboptimal. Why is lower sens is better?

  1. It will make crosshair positioning less jittery;
  2. It will allow you to cornerhug easier;
  3. It will prevent you from moving the crosshair way too far when fast aiming.

There are several BF1 aim tips that will tell you to lower the mouse sensitivity. Many do not seek for such Battlefield 1 aim tips because they play for less aim intensive classes (medics for example). As a medic you can be very useful without much killing done. However, you will still need to be a good sniper in certain situations, especially with a rifle. Lowering the sensitivity will make you more accurate.

Use Recoil Direction

This is one of the most obvious Battlefield 1 aim tips. You can adjust the recoil direction and utilize aiming down sight correctly on all your gun. Spend some time on practicing and find the most perfect combination of mouse sensitivity, recoil directions and ADS zoom settings that helps you to aim easier. While there are some BF1 aiming tips that do not actually suggest you doing it, it is one of the most important aspects of preparing for the battle.

Adapt to Widescreen

The ratio of the screen in the WS mode is 16:9. However, you will be really surprised by the default uniform soldier coefficient aiming is set to 1.33 which corresponds to another screen ratio – 4:3. In order to make aiming smoother and not run into problems with vertical crosshair speed being much faster than horizontal, simply switch the coefficient aiming to 1.77.

This is a very subtle Battlefield 1 aiming tip that not many people know.

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