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How to buy Bitcoins

Hello, my friend. You’re probably reading this guide because you can’t the Paypal or any other methods which we have presented at our website. I have good news for you.

All our hacks can be purchased using Bitcoins. Bitcoins is the first and the main cryptocurrency. You’ve probably heard about it but never tried to use, because you thought it’s difficult or just didn’t need it yet.

There are many websites that offer you an option to purchase the Bitcoins using your Visa/Mastercard and many-many other payment options. Today we will discuss a few of them and then you will be able to buy our cheats using Bitcoins. It won’t take much time, let’s go.

Create the Bitcoins wallet

There are very many possible wallets, we will describe just one we like. You can use any other wallet you want.

Our choice is Bitpay, it is easy and fast. We will have to register there and install the application.


Go to the Bitpay website and click Get BitPay Wallet

get bitpay wallet

After that, you have to scroll the page down and download the application for your system. It might be your phone, your PC with Windows or MAC.

Download bitpay

After installing and registering in it, your application will look like that.

Bitpay wallet main screen

Double click your BTC wallet to open its details.

Receive the bitcoins cash

Here you have to click the Receive button. This hash is your bitcoin wallet address. We will need this when we will be buying the BTC.

Bitcoins wallet address

Buying Bitcoins cash

As with the wallets, there are very many places, where you can buy Bitcoins and Bitcoins cash, we will describe some here.
Don’t mind googling “Buy BTC {Your_countrly}” like, Buy BTC Lebanon – and it will tell you what to do.

There is a general page, where the most popular places are listed. – open this page and select your local or international seller.

Bitcoins main exchange page

If you can’t find what to do there – you can try the Coinbase, we will describe how to use it further. This one is International.


Coinbase is another known BTC purchase and wallets provider, you should create an account here and then go to the Accounts tab.
Purchase the bitcoins here and you will be able to buy our cheats using the Bitcoins.

buy bitcoins coinbase

Why even using Bitcoins

It is difficult for the cheat-providers to give you many different payment options because the banks don’t really want to work with us.

It might be the only option to safely pay for the cheats in some near future. I think that you better learn how to use it now so you won’t have any problems buying the cheats in the future.
Good luck!