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World of Warships aim assist mod

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  • Icon Update Ready for a 0.9.2 patch and newer
  • Icon OS support Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10 64bit
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  • 1 month for 10 $ 9.5 $
  • 3 months for 30 $ 24.5 $
  • 12 months for 72 $ 61 $

Key opportunities of cheat

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    Shells fall lines

    Before the hag you did not know where to turn to avoid being hit, now you see the exact fall lines of enemy shells and have enough time to turn and get less damage.

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    Torpedoes direction lines

    To make it easier to understand how torpedo is moving there is a line in its movement direction. Work for friendlies and enemies, so you can evade both without problems.

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    Aim assist

    It is difficult to overestimate the advantage of aim assist in World of Warships, you no longer need to waste your time missing your shells, now you always know where to strike to hit the target.

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    Bounding boxes - ESP

    ESP is drawing small boxes around ship modules which are forming together the ship’s skeleton. You can see this skeleton through all objects, it is very useful when the enemy ship is behind the mountain, now there is not a problem to hit it because you see it.

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    Invisible shooters mark

    Shows the spot in the work where somebody did a shot, can be used to kick a destroyer in the smoke, for example, or for any other case.

A few words about HAG

If you come home after work and want to play World of Warships for fun, but people who play the game 24/7 are always winning then HAG is your solution. World of Warships aim assist hack will make you as good as people who live in the game, but that’s not all. Hag has many cool features will make your World of Warships playing so comfortable as never before, you should watch the video and try yourself!

Start playing now!

If something goes wrong, then keep the FAQ, here are the answers to all questions! If you still can’t find an answer, then contact us contacts-icon-skype Skype: easy-gaming-support and we will help you!

World of Warships aim assist mod
7 days for 5 $
7 days 5 $
1 month for 10 $ 9.5 $
3 months for 30 $ 24.5 $
6 months for 60 $ 40.5 $
12 months for 120 $ 61 $
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About WoWs

After purchase, you will receive an email with the key and links to the manual. Register on the site, download the program, tie it to the current computer and start playing. To run the hag in the game you just need to run the hag itself and then run World of Warships and it will work automatically.

Since 2011 Hags-club.com release their cheats for online games and now the turn came to World of Warships. Originally there was only a lead point for World of Warships, but now other mods have been added that you can enjoy.

All program settings are quickly and easily changed in a beautiful in-game interface, want to change the color of the dot, or can make it bigger? Easy, a couple of clicks and done and restart the game is not necessary.

If you are an avid streamer or like to make VIDEOS on Youtube then we have great news for you, your point of view will not be seen! Hag made so, that you can with him and stream and burn video-nothing not will, World of Warships will look so as and should and only you will in sight more.

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  • 12 March 2020г от paul poole
    works great and the help I received for issues was great tks
  • 08 March 2020г от aTom
  • 29 February 2020г от Serkan
    It's been a while since I started to use this. Now I'm a nightmare for players who hide behind islands. I love it. Updates are fast and hagzor is the king.
  • 28 February 2020г от Liam Morris
    Its got my hit rate up it works really well would recommend to anyone
  • 28 February 2020г от Peppels65
    This Hack work wonderful. Support is great. Game work 100% normal and i have no problems. Thx for this Hack. 1*
  • 08 February 2020г от Radek
    Everything works. I play WOWS and my success has improved a lot. I recommend.
  • 03 February 2020г от Gonz
    Works great! Gives me a great competitive advantage over the general player base. Would recommend!
  • 01 February 2020г от Radek
    Wow it´s working for me. World of warships game.
  • 31 January 2020г от Atom
    I am very pleased with the product offered. Is very good. It helps me a lot.
  • 29 January 2020г от Laif Ericsson
    Great Programm! It’s a Great Help but keeps the game interesting! it’s worth it!
  • 10 January 2020г от bigel
    So far I'm satisfied with everything.
  • 24 December 2019г от Leo
    Fast, Helpful and Respectful Support. Clean and Easy to use UI along with detail instructions for new users. Not to mention cheap as well. Would totally recommend it 10/10 <3

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Frequently Asked Questions

I bought, now what?

After the purchase, you will receive in the email your license key and a link to a guide to registering and using the program. Follow the manual step by step (from step 1 to step 6). Then read guidance in the use of HAG in your game.

I did everything right, but it does not work, what should I do?

Below you will find toolkit that will help you solve the problem.  If the problem can’t be solved, then the guidelines will tell you what information should be reported to the technical support so that you can be helped as quickly as possible and no questions asked.

Guidelines to problem solving

How to renew subscription?

We have the most comprehensive guide on this issue.

Guidelines subscription renewing

The game has an update, is HAG safe yet?

The security usually has nothing to do with the release of game updates.  If developers add something, then they do not make it with scheduled updates. We do not carry out any special checks of the game after each update, it works differently. Don’t worry.

Will I be banned?

We’re doing the best to keep that from happening to you. We have detailed guidelines about how you should behave not to get banned in different games, because approaches vary.

The way not to get banned in Battlefield.

The way not to get banned in CS:GO?

At World of Warships, we also recently released two large security patches. In WoW it’s enough for you not to write in the chat that you are using the HAG and it’s better not to spread screenshots of the game anywhere, especially with the HAG interface turned on.

The game has an update, but HUG doesn’t work. What should I do?

It’s normal, sometimes HUG breaks after updates. It will be repaired soon. Developers are probably already know that the program is broken.

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