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Private CS GO esp hack

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Play CSGO without bans!
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Features of cheat

ESP means extrasensory perception, in cs go ESP shows you the enemies through the walls, it tells you which weapon they use. Tired of comming out and being one shot killed by AWP?

Now you will know he is waiting for you. ESP also shows the distance, line of sight which shows where enemy is watching and current HP and Armor. This is a great and most important tool in all the cheats.


CS GO ESP hack
CS GO ESP hack
CS GO ESP hack


Hack raiting
04/05/2018 Sytoxxx
is the hack still up to date ? that would be nice

27/03/2017 Gaby
ESP hack works extremely well, thanks.

28/02/2017 Serhio0
Esp hack is not detected, its important for me.

15/01/2017 Karles
ESP hack works perfectly.

ESP functions

CS GO ESP functions


  • 3D boxes, bounding boxes
  • Name, Weapon, Lazor, Health, Distance
  • Bounds visibility check
  • Color and opacity settings

About ESP hack

ESP Hack

It is hard to surprise anyone by using various cheats while playing computer games. Special programs are used in online battles all over the internet. This is why new players and those whose game mechanics are rusty after a long pause hard to compete against more experienced players and blatant cheaters. The only reasonable solution is to download CS:GO ESP hack and use it to elevate yourself to the top of ratings and show everyone who is the boss.

What is ESP hack?

Our private ESP hack for CS:GO is a multifunctional cheating software that allows you to obtain incredible advantages over your enemies. With CS GO ESP hack, you will always be informed where your enemies are, how they move, how much health they have, and which weaponry they use. By using this information wisely, you will be able to better plan your strategy and enjoy high quality gameplay even when other players cheat blatantly! You can download ESP hack for CS:GO Steam here and enjoy additional features and enhanced functionality!


The main purpose of ESP for CS:GO is to feed you information about the whereabouts of your enemies even if they hide behind walls. The cheat works as an overlay and show informative 3D-frames that show where your enemies are. These 3D-frames are easier to read compared to 2D-frames used by our competitors. These frames help you to identify where your enemies hide and reduce the margin of error significantly.

Additional functionality

There are other functions that CS:GO steam ESP offers to players:

  • Showing what weapons enemies use;
  • Showing how much health enemies have;
  • Telling you whether enemies have armor;
  • Displaying the distance between you and your enemies;
  • Displaying where you enemies look.


These advantages will be available to you after you download ESP cheat for CS:GO and set it up accordingly to your personal preferences. There are options in your settings that allow you to change:

  • Type of data;
  • Color schemes;
  • Transparency of the overlay.

CS GO ESP hack


If you want to download ESP hack for CS:GO and use it in your games, remember that even the most reliable cheat can be detected if the player does not follow the simplest guidelines. Never change how you behave in game and try to act naturally while reading the data from your screen. Try to use the data wisely and never tell your teammates where your enemies are and how you see them through the wall! Do not discuss your cheats with teammates. Try to ignore the data completely and use it only when circumstances force you to.

Tips and tricks

Before starting to wreck your enemies left and right, you need to download ESP cheat for CS:GO from our website, install it, and launch it together with your game. During the game, follow simple tips and that will help you to stay undetected and avoid being banned.

  • Never look at your enemies through walls by blatantly following him with your crosshair. Remember that dead players can use deathcam and quickly realize that something is fishy and that you are using X-ray vision.
  • Try tracking your enemies using your peripheral vision while aiming at regular angles and standard hiding spots.
  • Do not run from one hiding enemy to another without checking standard corners and hiding spots. Such behavior immediately tells that you use cheats.
  • While moving check all standard positions and spots even if there is no enemy hiding there.
  • Carefully peek angles and use shoulder-peeks just like you would do when afraid to be shot by a sniper.
  • Use molotovs and HE nades in order to clear out specific positions even when there are no enemies just as you would do without ESP for CS:GO.


Where to download

On our website you can always download ESP for CS:GO Steam. We are official partners of cheat developers and offer to our clients only the latest modifications of cheats that are tested on dozens of private game servers with heavy anti-cheat protection. In order to download ESP for CS:GO, use our website and order a subscription. After you pay for your cheat, you will receive an e-mail your personal key and a detailed instruction on how to use your private ESP hack!

CS GO ESP hack