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Private CS:GO 2D radar hack

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Function 2D radar
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    2D radar

    • Enemies, allies
    • Visibility check
    • Setting for color, size, opacity

A few words about 2D radar for CS:GO

Game map is a great thing to get the idea about the enemy position if team does not give you the info. 2D radar from our cheat will tell you where the enemy and friend players are even if you’re not supposed to know this. Radar also shows you when somebody is making some noise, leaving a dotted trail behind them telling that they are currently stepping and you can do a pre-fire.

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If something goes wrong, then keep the FAQ, here are the answers to all questions! If you still can’t find an answer, then contact us contacts-icon-skype Skype: easy-gaming-support and we will help you!

Private CS:GO 2D radar hack
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Description 2D radar for CS:GO

2D-Radar Hack

When you don’t have enough experience or a highly developed game sense due to the lack of practice, you can still level the playing field against TOP-players. Just buy 2D-Radar hack for your CS:GO matches and make sure that you have something under your sleeve when facing nolifers and blatant cheaters.

What is 2D-Radar?

A completely safe private hack CS:GO radar is a unique assisting software that feeds you all necessary intel on where your enemies are. By using delicate methods of interacting with the game, this cheat stays “under the radar” of various anti-cheat systems. In fact, this software is a virtual scout that allows you to know where your opponents hide and how to avoid traps. This is your own personal tactical surveillance like a satellite intelligence during real-life military conflicts. If you want to receive your own digital assisting “eyes and ears” that help in your favorite game, buy your CS:GO 2D-radar hack.


2D-radar chat is a flat rectangular radar that feeds all the data chosen by the user including positions of your teammates, your enemies, and other important game elements. The most important modification is that this radar basically visualizes sound cues that you receive during your games. You will see on your map enemies that were unlucky enough to make noise that helped your trusty 2D-radar to detect him. When used as an analyzer of sound cues, this private hack for CS:GO 2D-radar becomes completely safe-to-use and effectively impossible to detect by others. You will always be able to say that you “heard” your opponent and it will be true!


Another important benefit of this cheat is that you can adjust it according to your own playstyle. You can tailor your private hack for CS:GO 2D-radar for your own personal requirements. There are various options available to users:

  • Adjust the size of the radar;
  • Adjust the position of the radar;
  • Transparency;
  • Choose your own color-schemers.

You can also choose what data you need to be displayed to you on the radar:

  • Tracking the positions of your enemies and allies;
  • Tracking the opportunities to take a shot (when you see an enemy, his marker changes its color);
  • Only sound cue visualization.

You can also replace your standard in-game radar with this enhanced 2D-radar.

CS GO 2d radar hack

How to be undetected

You can safely use our private CS:GO radar hack, but remember that your safety relies both on the quality of the software and your own carefulness. Do not try to “wall bang” your enemies across 2 walls and constantly “kobe” them with nades when they hide in unconventional positions. Use your intel wisely to create masterfully weaved traps and avoid your enemies when they have an upper hand. This will make sure that Overwatch inspectors do not have any actual evidence to ban you. When used correctly, your 2D-radar will become a manifestation of your own abilities and tactical sense instead of a blatant cheat. Don’t expose yourself by feeding your intel to your teammates via voicechat.

How to use 2D-radar

If you are a new player, we highly recommend you to start using your private cheat CS:GO radar with standard settings that show you where your teammates and enemies are. After learning enough about how the game works, you can start using the “only sound cues” setting.


Paid cheats are less likely to be used by irresponsible users and kids that often become the main reason why such cheats are detected by admins and anti-cheat programs. Our 2D-radar is created with special tricks that allowed developers to hide it from various cheat detecting agents. These cheats do not actively integrate in the game and stay out of view of VAC. Before this cheat was released to the market, the developers spend lots of time testing it on various private servers with advanced anti-cheat programs. The latest version of our 2D-radar is an updated program with new functionality and additional features.

Where to buy and download

You can safely buy 2D-radar chat for CS:GO here on our website and pay for it via any convenient payment method. We are officially partnered with 2D-radar developers and offer to our clients the latest versions of the product that have been meticulously tested before being released to the market. After a purchase, you will receive your personal key and a detailed instruction on how to use your new private 2D radar hack for CS:GO!

CS GO 2d radar hack

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Frequently Asked Questions
I bought, now what?

After the purchase, you will receive in the email your license key and a link to a guide to registering and using the program. Follow the manual step by step (from step 1 to step 6). Then read guidance in the use of HAG in your game.

I did everything right, but it does not work, what should I do?

Below you will find toolkit that will help you solve the problem.  If the problem can’t be solved, then the guidelines will tell you what information should be reported to the technical support so that you can be helped as quickly as possible and no questions asked.

Guidelines to problem solving

How to renew subscription?

We have the most comprehensive guide on this issue.

Guidelines subscription renewing

The game has an update, is HAG safe yet?

The security usually has nothing to do with the release of game updates.  If developers add something, then they do not make it with scheduled updates. We do not carry out any special checks of the game after each update, it works differently. Don’t worry.

Will I be banned?

We’re doing the best to keep that from happening to you. We have detailed guidelines about how you should behave not to get banned in different games, because approaches vary.

The way not to get banned in Battlefield.

The way not to get banned in CS:GO?

At World of Warships, we also recently released two large security patches. In WoW it’s enough for you not to write in the chat that you are using the HAG and it’s better not to spread screenshots of the game anywhere, especially with the HAG interface turned on.

The game has an update, but HUG doesn’t work. What should I do?

It’s normal, sometimes HUG breaks after updates. It will be repaired soon. Developers are probably already know that the program is broken.

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