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Battlefield 5 hack and cheats

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Play Battlefield without bans
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  • 7 days TRIAL 5 USD
  • 1 month 10 USD
  • 3 months (-3 USD) 27 USD
  • 6 months (-15 USD) 45 USD
  • 12 months (-48 USD) 72 USD
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Briefly about the Hack

The great news — Battlefield V hacks and the custom cheatbot offered on this website is fully working! We achieved the stable work of our Aimbot, 2D radar, wallhacks and ESP.
Also our cheat tools include a profound 2D radar along with hacks making all walls “invisible” only for you. The best thing is that the cheatbot can not be traced by other players.

The experience allowed us to protect the new cheat suite with 3 layers of protection. Your BF5 account will be completely safe from banning.

By using our BF5 hack, you may rank up much faster and always be on the winning side. Make Battlefield 5 a more fun to play!



Looks quite so as on video, technical support is guaranteed.



Automatic updates.



If doesn’t work, then the refund is possible.



Reserve guarantee (at the time of purchase, of course, we don’t see the future)



Hack raiting
Been using it since January 2019, just don't go blatant, use most safe. Control your KDA. Undetectable. Recommended.

Before use Hag: Hard to kill enemy. After use Hag: Hard to control K/D. Ps. But I can control it. :)

I've been using it for more than 2 weeks and that's fine, it's a recommendation

si work


Its working at update bf5 last patche. A loot ppl get baned for other chets i need know yhis one its undetected? for new ferFight?

Cheat working Now I am God bf5)

Nice Very nice

Vehicles are not shown at the ESP, the rest is very good, hoping to see it implemented soon Recommended

Good hack, never used a silent aimbot, is really cool.

Main features


Aimbot helps you aiming. You will start shooting very efficiently, like a professional player if you would like to. Details

battlefield 5 aimbot

HAG has a new generation aimbot called Silent aimbot.
Silent aimbot does not control you camera – it controlls your bullets when you shoot. When you have it enabled, you play like you normally do, but now, your bullets will be controlled according to the settings.
You can configure how much you will hit and miss. How big is the aimbot’s help and many other things.

BF1 cheats


If you are new to BF5 hack slang, ESP stands for Extra Sensory Perception. It means you’ll be able to improve your natural physic perception and look over the boundaries added by developers. Players with installed ESP cheats will know the things that otherwise stay unknowable.

battlefield 5 wallhack
bf1 hack

2D radar

2D radar along with hacks making all walls “invisible” only for you.

battlefield 5 radar hack
spray icon

No Spread + No Recoil

Don't want to use our Bf5 aimbot? Fine, use No spread and No recoil, bullets will hit right in the crosshair center without any recoil, aiming is easy now.

you know what pill you will choose

About Battlefield 5

Battlefield 5 is a multiplayer competitive game created by DICE and published by EA. It is going to be more upscale, with a few new modes, a single campaign and even the Battle Royale. It seems that the game will be even more interesting. The great news — our cheatbot for Battlefield 5 will be released at the same day as the full game. Because we managed to test our hack on the alpha version of Battlefield 5. That’s why the cheatbot from works as a clock and can’t be detected by other players.

Usually the gaming community doesn’t like players who apply the cheats. But let’s be honest sometimes you just can’t do without a reliable cheatbot, especially without a cheap in BF 5. There are a few reasons when you may need a tool for applying cheats on a total legitimate basis.

Situation #1. You want to play with friends and just chill after a long day. But your friends are of a higher level, got a higher ranking or simply play better than you do. Surely, it’s boring to play with bots or random players without installing Battlefield 5 hacks. However, with a cheat installed you may quickly achieve the desired level and play with your teammates for fun, skipping the boring part.

Situation # 2. Probably the most common situation when you simply don’t have time or intention to level up but instead want to play with the most rated players because your skill in shooters is pretty good. That is when the installation of a cheatbot for BF5 can be very helpful. You’ll save your time and money effortlessly.

Situation # 3. You need to boost a few characters and do it quickly. For example, you want to take part in an esports tournament or practice for playing with the best BF players. That is when the cheatbot can be very helpful. Also, only hacks can make all weapons playable at the first tier in Battlefield 5.

Also, only thanks to the untraceable Battlefield V cheats, any player, despite his skill, will be able to see all enemies on the map, even through the walls. It is especially good when you play on small maps or during the mode close encounters. Imagine how the Battle Royale would be when you are able to trace all rivals hiding on a vast map.

Summing up, in certain situations cheats are a bare necessity to enjoy playing Battlefield 5 with friends or simply if Battlefield V players don’t have any time to boost their characters. Why to be nervous when you can simply install a cheat tool and have fun from the very beginning?