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Battlefield 5 hack and cheats

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Key features of the cheat

Click any feature to see it in action

  • Aimbot
  • Wallhack
  • ESP
  • 2D radar

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Designed for precise aiming at the head, neck, any part of the body of the enemy.

  • Auto-switch (if the target is dead or invisible)
  • FOV guidance
  • A variety of modes of activation
How it works

3D cubes appear around the character model, where you can see the name, weapon, laser, health status, distance to the target.

  • 3D frames, frames around bones
  • Name, Weapon, Laser, Health, Distance
  • Checking the visibility of bones
  • 3D frames on objects (C4, Claymore, Ammo, Grenades)
  • Supports color customization
How it works

To install a number of features, including the ability to see through walls.

How it works
2D radar
2D radar

To track enemies on the map.

How it works
2D radar
2D radar
2D radar

Don't want to use SIlent Aimbot? Okay, start antiretro and antiatlas and your bullets will always fly in the direction of your sight and it will not move efficiently.

How it works

A few words about HAG

The great news — Battlefield V hacks and the custom cheatbot offered on this website is fully working! We achieved the stable work of our Aimbot, 2D radar, wallhacks and ESP.
Also our cheat tools include a profound 2D radar along with hacks making all walls “invisible” only for you. The best thing is that the cheatbot can not be traced by other players.

The experience allowed us to protect the new cheat suite with 3 layers of protection. Your BF5 account will be completely safe from banning.

By using our BF5 hack, you may rank up much faster and always be on the winning side. Make Battlefield 5 a more fun to play!

Start playing now!

If something goes wrong, then keep the FAQ, here are the answers to all questions! If you still can’t find an answer, then contact us contacts-icon-skype Skype: easy-gaming-support and we will help you!

Battlefield 5 hack and cheats
7 days for 5 $
7 days 5 $
1 month 9.5 $
3 months for 27 $ 24 $
6 months for 60 $ 45 $
12 months for 108 $ 60 $
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Battlefield 5

Battlefield 5 is a multiplayer competitive game created by DICE and published by EA. It is going to be more upscale, with a few new modes, a single campaign and even the Battle Royale. It seems that the game will be even more interesting. The great news — our cheatbot for Battlefield 5 will be released at the same day as the full game. Because we managed to test our hack on the alpha version of Battlefield 5. That’s why the cheatbot from eg-hacks.com works as a clock and can’t be detected by other players.

Usually the gaming community doesn’t like players who apply the cheats. But let’s be honest sometimes you just can’t do without a reliable cheatbot, especially without a cheap in BF 5. There are a few reasons when you may need a tool for applying cheats on a total legitimate basis.

Situation #1. You want to play with friends and just chill after a long day. But your friends are of a higher level, got a higher ranking or simply play better than you do. Surely, it’s boring to play with bots or random players without installing Battlefield 5 hacks. However, with a cheat installed you may quickly achieve the desired level and play with your teammates for fun, skipping the boring part.

Situation # 2. Probably the most common situation when you simply don’t have time or intention to level up but instead want to play with the most rated players because your skill in shooters is pretty good. That is when the installation of a cheatbot for BF5 can be very helpful. You’ll save your time and money effortlessly.

Situation # 3. You need to boost a few characters and do it quickly. For example, you want to take part in an esports tournament or practice for playing with the best BF players. That is when the cheatbot can be very helpful. Also, only hacks can make all weapons playable at the first tier in Battlefield 5.

Also, only thanks to the untraceable Battlefield V cheats, any player, despite his skill, will be able to see all enemies on the map, even through the walls. It is especially good when you play on small maps or during the mode close encounters. Imagine how the Battle Royale would be when you are able to trace all rivals hiding on a vast map.

Summing up, in certain situations cheats are a bare necessity to enjoy playing Battlefield 5 with friends or simply if Battlefield V players don’t have any time to boost their characters. Why to be nervous when you can simply install a cheat tool and have fun from the very beginning?

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  • 17 октября 2020г от christian
    Hello all I have been looking for a silent aim for BF5 and I can say this is this best deal you are gonna find out there especially with the 7 day trial at only $5 support is on point as well i had an issue with payment I contacted them and they fixed it right away.
  • 28 сентября 2020г от Lukáš Lupták
    Perfect,You are great!!!
  • 23 сентября 2020г от simy
    This was one of the best cheats that i used so far for Battlefield 5 aimbot works as 10/10 everything depends on how you do your settings but if i would recommend someone this one will be in the first place to do it
  • 15 августа 2020г от sanjay
    i buy this 10$ pack how to download?
  • 19 июня 2020г от homer_simpson
    Using hack from very long time... and IF u are smart, know how to play u will be not banned.... .... i'm clean since 10-31-2016... then was started play on BF1 and now BFV.... very recommended hack! ~homer_simpson
  • 12 июня 2020г от tony
    Very easy to use, user-friendly and safe to play
  • 11 июня 2020г от admin
    It will start working soon, don't forget to request the lost days, we will add them to your subscription.
  • 10 июня 2020г от ahmed
    does not work with latest version 2004 for windows
  • 06 июня 2020г от Max
    Wow. 1st I was uncertain will the cheats work or is it some scam. Thrust me they work, and a lot of players use it. It is a lot easier and stressfree playing with cheats. There are a lot of setting playing around with. You also get a lot of support from forum and admins, if you have a problem. They also made great guides and explanations. Just be cool and calm when using cheats, dont go too far and be safe. Using ESP (see through walls) and aimbot is uncomparable when playing without it and you get more satisfaction in the game.
  • 07 мая 2020г от Bawbaw2
    ^^ very nice
  • 05 мая 2020г от Ninja
    Best hacks i have ever used in my life its completely undetected and amazing easy to use enjoyed a lot just purchased a 7 days trails now i am going to purchase monthly subscription ;-) <3 east and west HAGS are the best <3
  • 29 апреля 2020г от NarutoLee
    Enjoying every moment. Makes gaming easier. But not the strongest Hags out there as I understand there are hacks for vehicles and aircraft out there. You cannot own the sky.
  • 26 апреля 2020г от xxx qqq
    Love the cheat, the silent aimbot is amazing. The interface is also easy to use. If I can suggest any feature is that I hope we can customize the ESP slightly more like only show the skeleton on the head for example instead of the whole body. Regardless, one of the best quality cheats I've used! Support is also great!
  • 17 апреля 2020г от WarningPZ
    Great cheat! Best of the best... Aim work's perfectly, esp etc.. Hack is safety. Love u Hagzor, GREAT JOB !
  • 14 апреля 2020г от tutu23for
    Hello I have been using this hack for a while now . Everything is smooth and the hack is very safe so you don't have to be worried about any bans . Each and every option is highly customizable so that you can tweak the hack as per your requirements . They also offer excellent support and will answer all your queries . In all this is one of the best cheats out there .
  • 28 марта 2020г от premmy50
    It very nice now i love to play this game because of your hack are amazing now I got 8 Golden plate skin because of this hack the esp is great it work perfect with the aimbot
  • 21 марта 2020г от Sami
    Seriously, I have bought one key for a month, I was fascinated by the performance and the safety of this app. I am a moderate player without any assisting apps but I got frustrated with these suckers who kills all the buzz. that's why I decided to go for it as a fare play my a s s does not exist! Thank you Hags team and I'm about to buy another key with my eyes closed !
  • 11 марта 2020г от Joseph Ross
    Install was fast and easy. I was getting awesome KD ratio within 30 minutes of installation, starting BF5, starting the hack, and jumping into a match. Hack was 100% undetected. I played the game as normal and got that extra edge of help from the hack. Totally worth the price. It works just as described. Zero issues 7 days so far. Play responsibly don’t make yourself obvious. Thank you eg-hacks! This is the bomb!!!
  • 29 февраля 2020г от Tony
    Easy tio install and use and fun to have
  • 29 февраля 2020г от Dolarn
    I hated the game before. And now i love it mors fun to play
  • 20 февраля 2020г от Niko
    Really easy install, easy to use while playing. Not too obvious in-game. Just perfect.
  • 17 февраля 2020г от Castor
    Works perfect! I got bfv and it sucked. Now I can enjoy this like I've always wanted. Thanks!
  • 17 февраля 2020г от Sami
    This is amazing, it works perfectly..one thing I'm still trying to figure out is when colour changes in ESP in terms of identifying the enemy...when they are red it means they are behind sth, green you can see them and shoot, but sometime they are real close and have red colour, so maybe some clarification on how it works exactly. Other than this this is the safest hack I ever seen...I play safe my self and each round there is a reasonable ratio BTW my kills/death score ...love you guys loads
  • 10 февраля 2020г от John Schylander
    Really good wallhack and the no spread/recoil but the wallhack only is good enough to win and rank up your account Without Being banned!
  • 06 февраля 2020г от oASAPo
    Good hack easy to use work on solomon.
  • 02 февраля 2020г от Ry
    Easy to use .working perfectly.
  • 02 февраля 2020г от Ry
    Very Easy,click an play good work
  • 02 февраля 2020г от melamangio
    Working perfectly. Easy and simple. No modifications on game files no headache. Just press and play.
  • 31 января 2020г от admin
    Hey, Yongki, contact our support! They HWID ban you and you have to do a proper spoofing or you get banned again quite fast. Contact the support and they will help you.
  • 31 января 2020г от Yongki
    I bought one week trial fist time renewing subscription to one month. It's been awsome so far! But I've banned permanently two times already! So I've got the third time BTF5!!! I've read your direction on how to avoid to be banned. Now I carefully use this hag. I can only play this game with a stick because I can't use mouse & keyboard because of my shoulder pain. So your hag is very useful to me. I will renew this product for good! Thank you again!
  • 29 января 2020г от stamp
    It's a very good program. I like it a lot. Hope you keep updating. I like eg-hacks
  • 02 января 2020г от André
    Gostei muito. Totalmente editável. Silent aimbot ótimo ... , Radar bem preciso. Esp Muito bom. Recomendo. = Hack Very Nice
  • 16 декабря 2019г от admin
    Hello, it's for PC only
  • 16 декабря 2019г от Markus Wührer
    Excuse me, i thought it is also for pc. i cant use this hack for pc.

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Will I be banned?

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The way not to get banned in Battlefield.

The way not to get banned in CS:GO?

At World of Warships, we also recently released two large security patches. In WoW it’s enough for you not to write in the chat that you are using the HAG and it’s better not to spread screenshots of the game anywhere, especially with the HAG interface turned on.

The game has an update, but HUG doesn’t work. What should I do?

It’s normal, sometimes HUG breaks after updates. It will be repaired soon. Developers are probably already know that the program is broken.

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