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World of warships aim assist


What is Aim assist for World of Warships and how it works? This article is about it, here I will explain you how the Aim assist appeared and how it changed since alpha test.


World of Warships aim assist

On the screenshot you can see a modern Warships aim assist, which you can buy here at EG. Why this one is good – we will explain later. Aim assist is a line with some more on its end which shows you where you would like to shoot to hit the target with a maximal chance. It helps you to not get stuck in aiming and pay more attention to the manoeuvres.


At the beginning this aiming thingy was right in the World of Warships client, but later developers decided to remove it. They started to think that it has a bad influence on the gameplay, it makes the game too easy. Maybe it is true for those people who play this game 24/7, but it is not for those who play the game just a few hours after work. After it was removed people began to think, how can we return this tool and after this first Aim assist mod by Johans appeared.


In a while after assist was removed from client Johans made a mod for the game. At the beginning is was working bad and was lagging, but people loved it and kept supporting him with pleased comments.

Aim assist by Johans

People were happy and were working together on creating a full config list for all the ships and nothing could go bad. In 0.5.3 patch for World of Warships modification system was changed. This change made it impossible for Johans to continue his mod supporting.

Players were really upset about it and some people even think that online reduction in Warships was because of that. People still needed this mod to be happy in the game, that’s why 2 new paid Aim assist appeared.


This program still looks like a most technically good piece of software and it’s not weird. Hags-Club coder Dogmatt is doing these things for more then 10 years now since CS 1.5. People began to buy hag, but not as much as software by other developers.

Hag for World of Warships

Here is a screenshot of the hag, its screenshot was also shown at the beginning of the article. We spoke about hag as about an example of the modern aim assist. Hag is not just aimbot, it also has other features where enemy shells will hit and torpedoes lines.

You will like it if you prefer a minimalistic design and just high technical quality. The main goal of the hag is that it should only slightly help you, so you can enjoy the game after work. If you always get killed by those who play the game every day for many hours – that’s not fun. Hag is made to help such people.


This mod came to Warships from World of Tanks, where it exist for already 3 years. For some reason, it does not disturb anyone there, which we can’t say about Warships.

Warpack has many cool and dangerous features, such as auto-aiming, auto-shooting and others which are more likely playing for you rather just helping. With this program, you can select a ship, click the button and that’s it – mod will shoot for you and you will only need to turn, but many people like it.

Warpack for World of Warships

Warpack looks like that, not very beautiful but functions, as i said already, are very strong. After 0.5.3 Warpack became really popular, probably that’s why it attracted developers.


At May of 2016th Lesta stated, that after this day Aim assist is illegal and they will be banning accounts of people who uses it.

After this statement nobody believed and kept using the tools. In 2 weeks some people got banned, but ONLY ones who used the most powerful and popular tool – Warpack. They probably banned Warpack only because it was not too hard, it lacks the security.

In a month Warpack developers said, that since 25th of June Warpack is safe to use again and Lesta no longer can to detect it was true for a next month. After that, there was one more ban wave, EVERYBODY who used Warpack god banned. People who got caught for the second time got banned permanently and now completely lost their accounts.


Hag is just fine, nobody got banned for using HAG. That’s probably it was made with high quality and probably because hag features just help to play and don’t play for you. If you are scared for your account – do not use illegal software, if not that much – Hag is your opportunity to have fun. 🙂

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