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Aim assist settings for World of Warships


When you see a Hag for the first time it might be not very easy to understand how to use it. That’s why we made those articles, they should help you to learn to use our great Aim assist.

Let’s begin with opening the menu, to do it press Insert key. This article is about Settings tab, so let’s move on.

Warships hag settings

ESP — View

Very first and the main tab, here you can completely disable ESP and change ESP information position regarding the objects.

  • ESP active — Check if you want to enable bounding boxes around the ships and other information.
  • Use target color — Not used in Warships, ignore it.
  • Other options — ESP position settings, try changing.
Warships settings

ESP — objects

In this tab represents all object types in World of Warships, PC_enemy, PC_friend and so on. All object types are easy to understand.

  • pc_enemy — enemy player
  • pc_friend — friendly player
  • bot_enemy — enemy bot/li>
  • bot_friend — friend bot
  • destroyed — destroyed ship

Every object type has separate settings so they can display differently according to your needs. That’s why you can get exactly what you want from your Aim assist.

  • Draw — Uncheck it if you want to stop drawing ESP only for this type of the units.
  • Dist — Uncheck to stop showing distance between you and this type of the units.
  • Hitbox alpha — Opacity of the main big box around the unit.
  • Bounds alpha — Opacity of small boxes on the ship around modules.
  • Min and Max distances — Minimal and Maximal distances at which you want to drow those boxes.
Warships hag

Settings — Aim

In this tab we will select which settings we would like to use, automatic or manual. Manual can be better for some ship or better personally for you. Manual settings are explained in other article, here we have only description. Automatic settings are on by default.

  • mul.active — if checked — using automatic settings
  • bot.mul — prediction value
  • bot.z — moves aim assist higher or lower, 0 — waterline.
  • predict with hitbox — draws bounding boxes around the aim assist mark like on the image.
Warships Hag addons

Settings — Addons

Here we configure shells fall lines, torpedoes direction lines, invisible shooter’s mark. You can change to thickness and length of those lines.

  • bot.hits_view [0/1] — Check to see bullets hit lines.
  • lazor.width — changes the width for hit line lazors.
  • lazor.len — changes the length of the hit line lazors.
  • bot.torp_view [0/1] — check to see the line of torpedoes.
  • lazor.width_torp — width of torpedo lazors.
  • lazor.torp_len — length of torpedo lazors.
  • bot.hits_local — show how your sheels will land.
  • bot.hits_range — can filter how far from you you want to see hit lazors (set less — see only hits near you).
  • bot.hid_view — shows marks where invisible enemy did a shot.
  • lazor.hid_w — ivisible enemy marks lazor width.
  • lazor.hid_h — ivisible enemy marks lazor height.

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