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Aim assist color settings for Warships


If you are a happy owner of ourЕсли вы являетесь счастливым обладателем World of warships aim assist by Hags-Club then you should know that you can change every color. You can change color for aim assist, you can change color for ESP, you can ever rework entire interface if you want.

World of Warships aim assist

Color changing — Colors tab

If you want to change some color in your hag you need to open the menu and then open Colors tab.It is very easy to do, click button Insert in the game and in the menu you will find Colors tab — open it.

Aim assist colors


Here on the image we have an ordered list of Colors tab zones, description below.

  1. Elements list — here you can select which part of the hag you want to change.
  2. Alpha channel — changes opacity of the selected element.
  3. Set — click to apply the changes


I will write here only those that are Warships related, others are about interface and have obvious names.

  • ship_destroyed — destroyed ships color
  • ship_bot_enemy — bot enemies color
  • ship_bot_friend — bot friends color
  • ship_pc_enemy — enemy players color
  • ship_pc_friend — friendly players color

Color changing process:

Select the element you want to change, pick the color, select the needed opacity and click Set.

Don’t forget to save the settings, to do it press DEL button on Numlock (yes, those weird number on the right side of your keyboard). This is a default hotkey to save all settings.

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