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World of warships

Useful guides for the Warships Aim assist and the other features of the HAG
  • World of warships aim assist

    What is Aim assist for World of Warships and how it works? This article is about it, here I will explain you how the Aim assist appeared and how it changed since alpha test. WHAT IS AIM ASSIST? On the screenshot you can see a modern Warships aim assist, which you can buy here at …

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  • Aim assist settings for World of Warships

    When you see a Hag for the first time it might be not very easy to understand how to use it. That’s why we made those articles, they should help you to learn to use our great Aim assist. Let’s begin with opening the menu, to do it press Insert key. This article is about …

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  • Aim assist color settings for Warships

    If you are a happy owner of ourЕсли вы являетесь счастливым обладателем World of warships aim assist by Hags-Club then you should know that you can change every color. You can change color for aim assist, you can change color for ESP, you can ever rework entire interface if you want. Color changing — Colors …

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