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How to setup a Free VPN


Hello everyone, today we are going to speak about the Free VPN. I will describe one service, which you will be able to set up and use very fast.

Sometimes the users of our hack are having some problems with connectivity. It might be due to many different reasons, but it’s quite hard to find what’s up.
Most of the users want to solve the problem fast. They will find out the reason, why the hack can’t connect, but they need to have a working solution.

the hags client can't connect

Hags client does not start with the BEEP? The OK button is not working in the client? Here we suggest starting any VPN. Restart the hags client, try again and it helps.

Proton VPN

Official website — https://protonvpn.com/

Very good FREE VPN with the paid version. As a free user, you can have only one device and connect to the limited amount of countries.
We don’t really care how many countries we have, we need just one.

Register and download

VPN plans

Now you have to enter your e-mail and press the «Get ProtonVPN free» button. You will have to verify your e-mail by the code, which will be sent to your e-mail.

get ProtonVPN free

You have to pick some Username and Password here, you will need them to login in the application.

Creating Username and Password

The next step is the download, click the big red DOWNLOAD button.

Application usage

VPN login window

After logging in, the application will start. Press the «Quick Connect» button to connect to the nearest server. After you will connect somewhere — start the hags client and it will connect for sure.
If it won’t — try another server. After you will start the hags client — you can switch off the VPN.

connected VPN

That’s how the application looks when you’re connected.
Now you know a little bit more, good luck and have fun!

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