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Guide by Easy-Gaming.org

If you are here then you most likely already purchased a key and clicked the link in the mail. If it’s not true then hurry up and get access to one or all from hag list.

Whole registration process is described on official web-site and we HIGHLY recommend you to complete registration of official web-site and if you need — just read our comments here.

Step 1 — Creating account

Step 1 — Registration — click the link.

Everything is easy here, fill all the fields and click Register. Don’t forget your data, because you will use them to login in Hags client.

Step 2 — Creating forum account

Step 2 — forum account — click the link.

Here you need to type your future forum Login, it is called NAME here, password and E-mail, enter valid information, because it will be used to restore your password if you forgot it.

Make sure to remember your new forum name, because on the next step when you will be downloading hags client you will need to login at forum to enter the private subscriber’s forum where client is stored.

Step 3 — Downloading the program

Step 3 — Hags client — click the link

From the link in official guide page you should download client.rar, and download it from attachements in the first post. Most of the time you need this one. It usually has the latest configs and this client is what developers want you to download.

Step 4 — binding current PC

Step 4 — HWID registration — click the link

The third line in the Hag client is your HWID. Your HWID is there by default, and it is generated by the program using your PC components. There is no need to try to find it somewhere else. Just right-click the line for your HWID in the webpage (that you copied from the program), and click – register HWID to confirm the binding on the web-site. You should see “hwid added” message if done correctly

Step 5 — subscription type selection

Step 5 — select the hag you want — click the link

Most likely you’re buying a key for a single game. In the example image you’ll see Age of Conan. It costs 1000 points, and our account has 1000 points to spend. Here we select the game we want and click «Add». We then confirm our choice after this to ensure that our points are spent and the HAG we want is purchased.

Step 6 — Game launch

Step 6 — starting the game with hag — click the link

So if you’re here for the first time, and you’re afraid you’ll break something then just don’t touch anything. Everything works by default, and will automatically detect your game upon launching it. However, if you’re interested then you can click “Default” and change the version. An example of different versions is that World of Warships HAG currently has 3 versions: ‘Default’, ‘Test’ and ‘CN’. All of these versions are described in the Warships guide at the subscriber’s forum, but you should use ‘Default’ if you are not absolutely sure what you need.

See this window? Cool, start the game and everything should be fine, have fun!Make sure to setup guides for every game, different games have different settings.

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