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Config files explenation

hags client

To get to the configs folder you need to open the folder with your hags client. In hags client folder you should see the configs folder. If you don’t see it for some reason — you forgot to extract it from the client.rar, make sure to do it properly.

hags game list

After opening configs folder you will see different folders for each game hag supports.

gta configs Let’s take a look on the GTA 5 hag folder, it has typical files, we will discuss each of them.


This file is the main one. Hag loading starts from here, this config file is getting executed automatically when you launch hag for this game. This file contains and should contain any scripts or binds that you want to auto-load every time.

Most of the time you will use this file for any scripting needs.


Configs file is the one who stores all data about hag variables. Most of the people change them in hags menu in-game, but if you need — you can change them here, here is the general look:

bot.prediction "0.1"
bot.dist_min "0"
bot.dist_max "1000"
bot.bullet_life "0"
bot.bullet_auto "0"
bot.bullet_speed "700.0"


This file contains color settings for hags GUI. You can edit hag colors here or use in-game menu. Most of the time people change colors using the menu, but color file can also be used to contain different color setups, you can even create your hags color themes and share them with people.


Every FPS game which hag supports has such file. All hacks use it to shoot at the needed body part. Edit it to tell the hag what you want to aim, there is a standalone article about editing bones.cfg.In this article will take a look on it in general:

_bone_add SOME_BONE_1
_bone_add SOME_BONE_2
_bone_add SOME_BONE_3

You can have many bones.cfg files, for example, the hag for Ps2 has a built-in system which changes active bones file everytime you press the aimbot hotkey. This system is needed to create some artificial spreading of your bullets, so the aimbot shoots in different body parts.

Settings file

Every hag has a settings file, it is needed to fill the Settings tab in the hags in-game menu. It looks similar to HTML in some reason, it has its own markup language which is explained in the beginning of the file

// _int

I don’t plan to explain you with loads of details how it work, because if you ever did some scripting — you will understand, if you did not — don’t think that you will be trying to do a custom menu here. Let’s take a look on some tab from Battlefield 4 menu

_tab Aimbot
_tab Aim
_check bot.lock "Stick to Target"
_check bot.view "View Aim Point"
_check bot.dist_auto "Auto Bot Distance"
_br 6
_list bot.debug "Debug Bones:" "" 250 0 "None" 1 "Current" 2 "All"
_br 6
_list bot.mode "Target by:" "" 250 0 "Distance" 1 "FOV"
_br 2
_list bot.filter "Filter:" "" 250 0 "Enemy" 1 "Ally" 2 "Both"
_br 8
_flt bot.fov "Field of View:" "" 1 180 220 0
_int bot.smooth "Smooth Aim:" "" 0 50 220 0
_br 8
_int bot.dist_min "Dist Min:" "" 0 1000 250
_int bot.dist_max "Dist Max:" "" 1 1000 250 0
_int bot.dist_adv "Dist Adv:" "" 1 50 250
_br 26
_int bot.shots_aim "Hit Shots:" "" 0 4 125
_int bot.shots_skip "Skip Shots:" "" 0 4 125

here we have Aimbot tab and Aim tab in it, we could have many sub tabs in Aimbot, but here we have only the Aim tab


Check creates a checkbox, if it is checked — Command values will be 1 (true, enabled), if unchecked — 0 (false, disabled)


List creates a dropdown menu where you select some value, in our battlefield example if you select Debug Bones to NONE, then bot.debug = 0, if Current then bot.debug = 1 and so on.

Other files

Hag configs system allows you to create as many different files with different commands as you want. Config files for different games might be different if we decide to create some functionality using configs special for this game, like bones_1.cfg bones_2.cfg and bones_3.cfg for Ps2.

Configs tutorials

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