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Changing or removing the HAG’s client crosshair in-game


hag client crosshair

You probably noticed that HAG has it’s own crosshair while you play. Not the one you have when your game is normal, without a cheat.
Want to know how to remove it, how to change it or even use your own, self-created crosshair? Keep reading.

How does it work

The crosshair is displayed as an overlay of an image you can find in the config files.
You can replace it with your own, you can remove it or you can edit the existing one in any image editor.

hags client configs crosshair

How to remove this corsshair

Some people don’t like it, they are really used to the default crosshairs.
Let’s learn how to remove it.
There are two easy options how to do it.

The first option

Open your HAG’s menu in-game, open the Settings menu and go to the Misc tab.
You can check and uncheck the crosshair displaying option in there.

hags crosshair menu tab

The second option

Go to the hags client configs folder — hags_client/configs/game_name and simply delete the crosshair.png file.
After that, reload the game with the hag and it will be gone.

Changing the crosshair for something else

Go to the hags client configs folder — hags_client/configs/game_name and replace crosshair.png with any image you want.
The name of the new image should be crosshair.png.

If you want to have many images — you can replace them in-game using the console command — crosshair imagename.png

the weird crosshair

Crosshairs by our community

At our forum you can find many different crosshair people once shared.
You can download them and use it for your needs.

Shared crosshairs at the hags-club.com forum — hags-club forum crosshair topic
You will have to have an account to see it.

Share your crosshairs at the forum or at our Facebook!

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