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Changing hotkeys


Today we are going to learn how to change the hotkeys in the HAG config system.
We will do this on the example of CS:GO HAG.

Configs can and will be changed in the future, but the general meaning will remain the same.

General info

The assignment of a hotkey is a line in the config files.
The line creates a hotkey to some action, so you can even create them yourself, similar to the existing ones.

Usually, all the hotkeys are at the hags_client/configs/game_name/autoexec.cfg, you can open this file using the notepad or any other text editor.

The list of commands that create a hotkey

  • notify — creates a hotkey, pressing the key will also be transferred to the game.
  • bind — pressing the button will not be transferred to the game, the only hag will see it.
  • gbind — Such a hotkey can be used in the HAG gui, others do not work there (we use it to save the settings changes)
  • rbind — repeats the command, while the key is held down, is not used anywhere at the moment, but maybe you can think of something.

They are used like this:
notify key_name command


notify X "esp.active 1"

Here we have bound the X key to do the command esp.active 1, this one will change the value of esp.active variable to 1. This command will enable the Wallhack.

Changing the hotkeys in the CS:GO HAG

csgo hag folder

Go to the CS:GO hag config folder, there is the autoexec.cfg file that we need. Open it with the notepad.
This file will be executed each time you start the game with the HAG.

csgo hag autoexec.cfg

In the autoexec.cfg file, we see all the commands that the hag will execute at startup.
At the top, we have all the hotkeys for your convenience, as well as a link to all the possible names of the keys.

Key combinations, such as Shift + X, unfortunately, can not be bound. (at the time of writing)

autoexec with the new hotkeys

Here we changed the keys kp_1, kp_2, kp_3 (they are also numpad 1 2 3), on X C and V. Now the settings will be saved by new buttons as soon as you restart the cheat.
You can also write exec autoexec.cfg in the HAG console in-game and the config will reload with your new hotkey.

Write binds in the hag console in the game, to find out the list of current hotkeys.

Do not touch the prints

prints section

Prints section is needed to show you the green messages at the hag startup.
The ones you see in the Messages window.
They do not affect the hotkeys. Changes here will only affect the messages you will see at the startup, that’s it. As a result, hotkeys won’t change after changing prints.

You can change your prints as well, after changing your hotkeys, but only if you want to see the up to date startup messages.

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