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Hag — guides

General guides about the registration and usage of the client, not game related.
  • Registration

    Guide by Easy-Gaming.org If you are here then you most likely already purchased a key and clicked the link in the mail. If it’s not true then hurry up and get access to one or all from hag list. Whole registration process is described on official web-site and we HIGHLY recommend you to complete registration …

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  • How to renew your subscription

    Once your current subscription ends and you start getting an Expired error at your hags client — it’s time to renew your subscription. You have to do a few easy steps to do it. Purchase the code Go to the main page — https://eg-hacks.com, select the game or pack you want and complete the purchase. …

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  • Changing hotkeys

    Today we are going to learn how to change the hotkeys in the HAG config system. We will do this on the example of CS:GO HAG. Configs can and will be changed in the future, but the general meaning will remain the same. General info The assignment of a hotkey is a line in the …

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  • Changing menu hotkey

    Want to change the key you use to open the cheat menu in-game? This article will help you to do it fast and easy. As an example we will pick the CS:GO hack, changing will be similar for every other game. Open your hags client folder — configs folder — your game folder, then open …

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  • How to setup a Free VPN

    Hello everyone, today we are going to speak about the Free VPN. I will describe one service, which you will be able to set up and use very fast. Sometimes the users of our hack are having some problems with connectivity. It might be due to many different reasons, but it’s quite hard to find …

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  • Configs system: Overview

    Hags-Club has it’s own hack engine which is called H3E and it has built-in configs system which can help you to make the hack work exactly as you want it to. Using configs is not a must, but it can advance your hags usage. General options In configs and hags console in-game you can do …

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  • Key binding functions and commands

    Here it’s time to learn how to create some hotkeys for your hag functions because all hacks use keybindings, more or less. This is the list of key names which we use in our configs engine so you need to use them if you want to use keys in configs. esc 1 2 3 4 …

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  • Config files explenation

    To get to the configs folder you need to open the folder with your hags client. In hags client folder you should see the configs folder. If you don’t see it for some reason — you forgot to extract it from the client.rar, make sure to do it properly. After opening configs folder you will …

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  • Changing or removing the HAG’s client crosshair in-game

    You probably noticed that HAG has it’s own crosshair while you play. Not the one you have when your game is normal, without a cheat. Want to know how to remove it, how to change it or even use your own, self-created crosshair? Keep reading. How does it work The crosshair is displayed as an …

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