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CS GO wh


CS GO wh is a one of the most remarkable features of cs go hack. In this article we will discuss wh in details, also i will explain how to use it and stay undetected.


Key features

The main goal of wallhack is to show where the enemy is and highlight it. Don’t forget that in modern CS:GO there is a lot of cheats and everybody are aware of them. Do not track enemies through the walls and don’t rush exactly where somebody is hiding. If you will be doing it — you will get spotted fast by means of just watching you. We recommend you to use ESP only for visible targets and use only Radar to have a clue where the enemies are.

WH by Hags-Club has the following features:

  • 3D boxes
  • Bounding boxes
  • Enemie info
    • Health
    • Armor
    • Distance
    • Weapon
    • Name
  • Visibility check for every bone
  • Color setup
  • Opacity setup
  • Line of sight (lazor)

Those features are all you might want when you are thinking about good ESP hack.

Boxes for every bone — unique hag feature, almost nobody also has it. It looks awesome, you really see which past of the enemy is visible and you know where to shoot. Using other poor cheats you will have only a 2D box, which is not very informative. If enemy will have only head visible — you box will show that whole enemy is visible but it’s not and you will have no idea what is exactly visible. Health and Weapon displaying are also the indispensable tools, you never know where sniper is hiding, wait, now we know!

Want to know where the enemy is watching? No problems, Lazor will show you what the enemy is looking at, it is easy now to knife him because you will be silent.

How people get spotted using

Let’s think, how you can understand that somebody is using wh?

The first bell will be that some of the players always knows where his sneaky enemy is, he checks all weird spots. When somebody will spot something like that — he will start looking at you more precisely as a spectator. While you watch somebody as a spectator you can see through the walls and is very easy to see when you track somebody with crosshair behind the walls. It is also very easy to detect when somebody is running on the plant spot and checks only those places where there is an enemy and ignores other ones. Good players check all places, not just one or two.

How to use safely

This can be discussed for a very long time, I will write a short list of what you should not do for sure. After the list, I will share you what i also think about how to play safe. Do not do this:

  • Do not follow people behind the walls with your crosshair
  • Do not run straight to the enemies
  • Do not forget to check every spot, not only those where somebody is

This is a list of things, which you should avoid doing for sure. Now it’s time to discuss the list in details. Why we should avoid looking on people through the walls? Very obvious, that’s because one of the dead men will detect for sure that you really see people through the walls and will report you. Keep your crosshair near the wall corner, not further to the enemy. Doing like that you won’t show that you exactly know that somebody is there, you will be a man who only assumes that somebody it near.

If you will run straight to one enemy and after the kill will turn in other directing and will run staight to other enemy — people will spot it aswell. Play safe, follow the game goals, set the bomb ets. Do not be a solo killers, play with the team, cover needed directions even if you know, that there is no anybody there.

Some more tips

CS GO wallhack is a very powerful thing and it gives you the ultimate advantage. No need to be obvious using it, try to act as a normal player, always try to think as a normal player. A normal player will throw smoke and flash grenade then he will attack the plant, no other ways. The cheater will check that the plant is empty and will run in, don’t forget to throw some grenades to make people know that you did not know it’s empty. Smart cheater is acting like a normal player, but he truly knows where his enemies are, the rest is just a performance.

I recommend you to disable ESP for invisible players, because for me it’s very hard to avoid tracking people through the walls, sometimes you do it anyway and people start to complain. Use radar only to have a clue about the enemy’s position and ESP only to highlight visible. I hope that after reading this you will not get spotted and will get Global Elite, good luck!

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