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Color setup – Wallhack for CS:GO


This article describe how to setup colors for out beatiful CS GO wallhack in case you don’t know how to do it. Actually, everything is very easy, press Escape in-game and then press Insert key. Here we are at the menu, For most of the people it looks obvious, but some tips will be good still.

Wallhack for CS:GO

cs go wh colors

Colors TAB

After you open the menu – go to the colors tab, there you will see a drop-down list of elemets, which has color and it can be changed. At the right side you can see some color values and at the bottom two buttons: Set and Reset. If you will click SET – current color will get updated. If you will click Reset – it will get back to the first color during current session.

  • ESP:target – color of the enemy you are looking at, triggerbot is ready to shoot
  • pc_enemy_visible – visible enemy
  • pc_enemy – invisible enemy
  • pc_friend – friendly player

All other elements still have obvious names, if you want – you can even create your own hags theme.

Color changing process: Select element, Select color, click the SET square.

A is alpha channel, if you want your element to be more visible and more light – increase it, max value – 255

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