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CS GO hack overview


In this article we will talk about ones of the most old school hacks for CS GO which was never detected in the past 10 years.

Long time ago, back in CS 1.5 HAG was known as hl2hook and its creator is dogmatt, long time ago it was free, but now dogmatt has a cat so he needs to feed him. Right now you can only buy this CS GO hack.

CS GO hacks

Safe to use?

You can call it magic, but hag was never detected during its long live and looks like nothing will change in the nearest future, HAG itself was never VAC-ed. Most likely it is so safe because our cs go hack is made with love and attention to the details which mean high quality. Hag is completely encrypted and keeps pace with the times.

Current Features list

  • Triggerbot
  • Wallhack
  • 2D radar

Every feature from the list has its own article. Here we will take a short look on this gentleman’s set which will make you feel like a king, or just comfortably play Counter Strike.


I’m sure that everybody who plays cs knows how trigger bot works, but I will describe it anyway.When your crosshair is getting near the target which you want to shott — triggerbot shoots automaticaly. Actually, it shoots only when you will hit the target for sure, so you don’t waste the shots. No more useless spraying, only effective and deadly shots. You can adjust the accuracy, of course, so you don’t get spotted.


Wallhack is a thing which creates 3D boxes around the people. Those boxes can be shown behind the walls so you will know where the enemies are. Boxes also help to see the people, sometimes it’s not easy to understand that you see the enemy. Wallhack is also known as ESP, because it can show you useful info near the boxes.

The distinguishing feature of our wallhack is character models are surrounded with the 3D boxes. There are also bounding boxes around every part of the body. It’s not just a 2D boxes, using 3D ones it is very easy to understand how enemy moves or turns. Our hack has a visibility check and it affects every bounding box. If you only see an arm — hag will only show it as visible. It is a great thing, check the screenshots and you will be impressed!

Wallhack can also show you a distance between you and objects around, can show HP, armor, weapon name, which enemy has in arms right now. No more rushing at AWP player waiting for you, you will know that he has it and won’t attack without flash or smoke.

Almost forgot about lazor, it is also known as a line of sight. The line shows where your enemy is looking at. Maybe he does not wait for you, so you can make some sneaky shots before he reacts.

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