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CS:GO articles

Safety and in-game usage article for the CS:GO HAG
  • How to use the hacks in CS:GO and avoid getting banned

    Hello everybody, today we’re gonna speak about using the CS:GO cheats without getting banned. It’s not necessary to use our software, this article is about the general rules of behavior, which you need to follow to avoid being suspected of cheating. We will also learn how to play without the reports about you. How CS:GO …

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  • CS GO hack overview

    In this article we will talk about ones of the most old school hacks for CS GO which was never detected in the past 10 years. Long time ago, back in CS 1.5 HAG was known as hl2hook and its creator is dogmatt, long time ago it was free, but now dogmatt has a cat …

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  • CS GO wallhack data setup

    We already spoke about color setup, now it’s time to understand and configure what our CS GO hack will be showing on ESP. First of all let’s open hags menu. Press ESCAPE then press INSERT. We press escape to activate the mouse if you are in the match already, if not — no need in …

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  • Color setup — Wallhack for CS:GO

    This article describe how to setup colors for out beatiful CS GO wallhack in case you don’t know how to do it. Actually, everything is very easy, press Escape in-game and then press Insert key. Here we are at the menu, For most of the people it looks obvious, but some tips will be good …

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  • CS GO wh

    CS GO wh is a one of the most remarkable features of cs go hack. In this article we will discuss wh in details, also i will explain how to use it and stay undetected. Key features The main goal of wallhack is to show where the enemy is and highlight it. Don’t forget that …

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  • How to disable CS:GO triggerbot

    Hello everyone, today we will learn how to correctly disable the CS:GO triggerbot. If you just use the wallhack and don’t want to enable the triggerbot accidently with some of the hotkeys — this guide is for you! Open the configs folder First of all, you need to open CS:GO hack configs folder. To do …

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