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How to cheat in Battlefield without getting BANNED


Hello everyone, today I will tell you how to use Battlefield hacks without getting banned.
In this article, we will speak about Battlefield cheating in general. It’s not only about our program. Our tips will be useful for you, even if you use any other program or planning to do so.

How Battlefield 5 fights cheaters

We talk not only about Battlefield 5, all the Battlefield games, starting from Battlefield 4, have the same protection, in general. Protection has different settings in different games. Every next game, the protection is getting more precise and dangerous. It is way easier to get the BF 5 ban comparing to BF 4, be careful.

Modern Battlefields have only one well-known anti-cheat. It is called Fairfight. This anti-cheat is taking screenshots of your screen, and it is spying on you everywhere. There is no need to commonly use the keys like insert, end, and others, which are not doing anything in the game. This is suspicious. The most important about Fairfight is that it is analyzing how you play, your statistics. This analysis is the most dangerous thing and the most common reason why you can get banned. We will tell you how to stay under the radar later in this article.

Fairfight ban is real

Two main methods can be distinguished of how Fairfight bans the cheaters: ban just for logging in with the cheat enabled and behavioral ban.

The main reason for the automatic bans, which you can get just for logging into the game with the cheat injected, are free public cheats. Such cheats can be without protection at all, and you will lose your valuable account.
Paid cheats usually have decent protection. However, it’s not always like that, so be careful, read the reviews.

The behavioral ban can be received using any cheats. Deadlier cheat settings — easier to get the ban. It’s all up to you here. However, some features can make your life easier. For example, Silent aimbot is perfect versus the analyzing system. Features like that are not controlled precisely by the Fairfight yet.

How to protect yourself from the mass bans

Do not use the free cheats if your account is valuable for you. That’s the main safety rule here. It’s not about Battlefield. It’s about all the games. I’m not promoting the paid hacks now. No, there are some decent free cheats, but there are only a few, and they get detected in some time anyway. Ban or some virus infestation chances are too high. You better avoid such adventures.

If your cheat has any hotkey using insert, end, home, page up, page down and similar ones — you better change them. Fairfight is definitely marking the accounts, who continuously press such buttons. You can press those sometimes, but you better avoid doing it often.

do not use Insert, END and other keys like that

Use only trusted undetected hacks, which were never detected, and the ones you like. Suppose the seller has Paypal as a payment method. That’s already a good sign. In PayPal, you can return the money if you bought something not as described. Such websites won’t be selling shitty cheats because refund requests will flood them.

How to avoid the behavioral ban

The behavioral ban is real, and it is easy to get it.
You should always keep in mind that you should act like a normal player. Fairfight is analyzing your statistics and in-game behavior comparing to all other players. As soon as you begin to differ from normal players too much, you will draw the Fairfight attention to you.

Watch your score! Never be the scoreboard leader. Way too good. Kills and Deaths ratio will be drawing attention to you. A normal player, who is not in some vehicle, can’t do 20 — 0, for example. No need to stand out. You don’t need it.

Wallhack usage tips

Do not track your invisible enemies with the crosshair! Basic players never do it because they don’t see anything. Try to keep your camera the way you can’t see behind the walls. Fairfight can analyze such things. If you will track your invisible enemies often — you will get banned.

Don’t look at the walls even if you are not tracking any invisible target. Sometimes you do this not intentionally, trying to check what’s happening behind that wall, even without pointing the enemy with your crosshair. You better avoid doing this. Basic players do not do this, that watch where the enemy can appear from. Always keep the camera the way somebody can approach you, even if you are such, nobody is there.

Always check the places where the enemies could hide! Imagine two situations, and I think everything will become clear to you.

In the first situation, you run into the building. You’re not careful, and you don’t check the places where the enemies can hide, know where they are, and kill them.
In situation two, you run into the building, advance slowly, check every possible enemy place, and kill everybody on your way.

Let’s think now, who is the cheater here? Fairfight is checking such moments and if you do it often — you get banned. If you don’t do it often — you will be ok, just make sure to control yourself and stay under the radar.

the score is too good

Safe shooting tips

Do not shoot through the penetrable things, especially if you’re not supposed to see the enemy there. Basic players can’t do this, and this will draw anti cheat’s attention to you, avoid such things, do not shoot through the bushes. There is no doubt that some cool player can usually kill somebody using penetration shots, but there is a big difference between you and him. He’s not a cheater.

Do not use prefire! Do not start shooting until you’re not sure that your enemy is visible in the game. Fairfight is tracking such thing as the enemy appearance reaction delay. The basic player’s reaction time is 0.3 seconds. You will have less because you are prepared for the enemy, do not react suspiciously fast.

Cheat settings suggestions

Switch off invisible players displaying. This will greatly decrease the risks. Play like that for some time. When you will become an experienced cheat, and you will be able to control yourself, you can enable invisible enemies. Some people play with full Wallhack without getting banned because they can follow safe wallhack usage tips.

Use the Silent Aimbot instead of the basic aimbot. If you cheat has the Silent aimbot, then make sure to use it because it’s not controlling your camera. Silent aimbot is way safer than the basic one, even if somebody will be watching you. It will be way harder to see that something is wrong with you.

Never use No-Spread and No-Recoil. It looks obvious if somebody will be watching you, and it’s not very cool for Fairfight as well.

Decrease the maximal displaying distance of the Wallhack and the aimbot reaction distance. You don’t want to shoot the enemy if he is very far. It’s not safe.

Never use the damage-increasing features! It is a hazardous thing. Fairfight will recognize fast that you’re cheating.


Follow our safe playing recommendations and your ban chance will decrease dramatically.

  1. Use only high-quality and trusted Battlefield 5 hacks.
  2. Follow the safety tips as correct as possible.
  3. Configure your cheat, safer — better. You can increase the settings later, but for the first time, you better use the safest settings possible, otherwise your behavior might change too much and it will draw the anti-cheat attention to you.

Have fun and play safe. We hope that our tips will lead you to the Rank 50 and all the skins for the weapons!

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  • 22 February 2020г от Nivaldo

    Hello good afternoon, I wonder if the hack is really safe?
    Because I use a pay and I’m always having a problem and losing count, I just use the radar. Want to make sure it’s safe?

    • 22 February 2020г от admin

      Hello, it is very safe, make sure to follow the safety guide very precisely and play smart. If you will do it — you will be just fine!

  • 06 January 2020г от mick

    how to download hack battlefiled V