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Battlefield 5 aimbot


Hello everyone, today we are going to find out what is aimbot, which ones you can find and the difference between them. Also, we are going to talk about the usage safety.
Even if you are not going to use the aimbot, nevertheless it will be interesting for you to find out, what it is.

Not everybody want to use the cheat, however, cheats can be used against you. Cheaters are not invincible, smart cheater is just a little better than a normal player.
Learn what the cheater can use against you and, perhaps, it will become clearer how to outsmart him.

What is aimbot

Aimbot is considered to be the function of some cheat program which helps to aim. If you can’t really aim and shoot well — aimbot will help.
How does it work: you hold the hotkey of the cheat and your crosshair locks on the target. You don’t aim anymore, while you keep holding the aimbot button, your role here is to press the shoot button.
There are other types of the aimbot behavior, we will discuss them further.

Classic aimbot usually have some extra features, such as smooth aim. This feature makes the aimbot work smoother, without any fast snaps between the targets.
This thing sligtly decreases the detection rate of such aimbot.

Aimbot types in BFV

We know about two aimbot types in Battlefield 5 for today. Classic aimbot and a Silent aimbot.
Let’s talk about the other type, we already spoke about the classic aimbot. Silent one is much more interesting, it is a next level type of the aimbot.

Battlefield 5 aimbot

Silent aimbot advantage

Silent aimbot, unlike normal, does not control your camera. In fact, you play as usual, but you will shoot better.
How much better? Depends on the settings. Now we will consider the principle of operation of this type of aimbot.

In the case of the silent aimbot, which is also called magic bullets, the program controls bullets, not the camera.
You just shoot as you always do and the cheat aims your bullets according to your settings. You can set the hit and miss ration, you can set the assistace angle. This angle tells the aimbot when to help and when not.
Simply put, it becomes easier for you to shoot, but not less interesing.

Aimbot safety

Classic aimbot is considered to be not safe already for a long time. It is especially not safe in the game that are protected by systems like Fairfight. This anti-cheat can clearly see, that the camera is not controlled by the player and it will ban you quite fast.
Silent aimbot, at this moment, is undetected by Fairfight, because you control the camera yourself. You don’t even care about the observers, because they won’t see anything suspicious, especially on the low aimbot settings.

Do not rage, do not set the very high range for the aimbot assistance or way to big aiming angle. Use the soft settings and you will be just fine.
If you need more information about Battlefield safety — read our article How to avoid getting banned in Battlefield

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