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Battlefield 1 ESP settings


Here we will talk about Settings menu and ESP tab. This one will help you to configure the opacity of ESP and which data you want to see.

Battlefield 1 ESP allows you to switch on and OFF every part of it, so no need to see more than you like. You can keep ESP for only visible players to look legit.

ESP — View

Bf1 hack esp

To get here press end in-game then open settings tab and then go to ESP tab.

Here you can disable ESP, disable Target color usage, the ESP: Target color when your target is in FOV, aimbot thingy.

Esp box positions, vertical and horizontal, also can disable HP bars, remove size scaling, it is getting smaller when the target is far.

Also can remove the border of HP bar, also can change its width, height and distance, where it stops showing.

ESP — Objects

battlefield 1 esp

In this tab and similar ones about other groups of objects — you can edit the info you want to display on the ESP for this group.

You can switch it off, you can enable/disable laser drawing for it, also the same about Name, weapon, distance, health.

Also, you can change some values for this group:

    • Bounds alpha — as you can see on the image, it is opacity of the main 3d box
    • Bounds dist.min — minimal distance, where main box starts to show
    • Bounds dist.max — max distance, after more — 3d boxes does not show

Hitbox alpha2 — opacity of the small bounding boxes, which are shown around the bones. The rest dist min and dist max work like for the main 3d box.

ESP — other tabs

esp settings

Other tabs are very obvious and I have no idea what to tell about them. Just read the names and you will understand what it does.

That’s all you want to know about ESP, make sure to read other articles.

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