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Color settings


In this article, I will explain how to change the colors in the battlefield 1 hack. Changing colors is very important when you try to configure the hack for your personal needs. Default colors are always ok, but you might want to change something. Hag engine allows you to change the color of every part of the program menu and elements in-game.

Color changing process is quite easy, but explanation might be still welcome by some users.

bf1 hack esp

Colors tab

First of all, you need to open hags menu, press END in-game, hags menu will open and then go to the Colors tab. Here you can set the color and overall opacity for any hags element.

How it works in General:

Choose the needed select from the list, pick the color, change A: for opacity and then press SET. Done, color changed, don’t forget to go to the settings menu — misc and click «save» button. battlefield 1 ESP

Here is the selects list, I will do a short explanation of it:

  • ESP: Target — color of your target, works with aimbot, if your crosshair near visible enemy — it will become your target.
  • BAR: Health bg — health bar background
  • BAR: Health — health bar color
  • obj_supply — supply object
  • obj_nade — grenade
  • obj_pickup — pickups
  • mine_enemy — enemy mine
  • mine_friend — friend mine
  • mine_unknown — unknown mine (neutral)
  • veh_enemy — enemy vehicle
  • veh_friend — friendly vehicle
  • veh_neutral — neutral vehicle
  • pc_enemy_visible — visible enemy player
  • pc_enemy — enemy player
  • pc_friend — friendly player

The reset selects are general and are related to the hags UI, you can create your own theme if you want!

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