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Battlefield 1 aimbot settings


battlefield 1 aimbot

In this article, we will speak about possible settings for your battlefield 1 aimbot.

Our silent aimbot has quite many settings, it can be very precise for your needs, that’s why you need to learn these settings.

Settings tab

First of all, let’s open hags menu, press END in-game to do it, then go to the Settings tab and then Aimbot tab like on the image.

  • Stick to target — means, that when you have this enabled — aimbot will not pick up next target, except the first one, during the hold session. I mean, when you press aimbot key it will only kill one enemy and will not target any others. To pick a new target you will need to release the key and press it again. I recommend to keep it off.
  • View aim point — if you will take a look at the first image you will see, that there is a small green square on the left leg. This is the aim point, it shows where you next bullet will hit.
  • Debug bones — None — you play with this, on the image, it is set to Current. It shows which bones you have in bones.cfg aiming list right now, also it can be ALL. All will show All bones possible.
  • Target by FOV — Field of View, the angle to the left and to the right from your crosshair, the best way to aim. When your crosshair is close enough to the enemy — aimbot picks the target.After that visible_enemy color is getting changed to ESP: Target if you have «Use target color» enabled. Distance mode will pick the closest target, would not recommend using it, maybe for super rage only.
  • Filter — Here you select who you want to aim at.
  • Field of View — here you can set your FOV.
  • Dist min — minimal distance between you and your target, when aimbot is working.
  • Dist max — max distance where aimbot will be picking targets.
  • Dist Adv — interesting feature, if a distance between you and your target is less than dist.adv value, then aimbot selects the closest bone to the crosshair. You look very legit if you will take a look at the first image — aim indicator is on the left leg. It is the closest bone to the crosshair. On the next image crosshair is near other bone, aim indicator as well.

bf1 aimbot

Hit shots and Miss shots are the accuracy control values, hit shots mean, that its value of bullets will hit and then Miss shots value will miss. When you release aimbot key — counter resets.


Open hags_client/configs/bf4/autoexec.cfg with notepad, there you have default bind, if you want to change aim key from mouse2 — just replace it. Check configs articles page for key names and any other notes about configs, how to works with them and how to save. General configs guide is here — General hag guides.

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