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Battlefield 1 aimbot


Which kind of aimbot do you need? How to stay safe and not get banned for using it? Here I will answer all those questions. To get the better idea how aimbot works let’s take a look at each aimbot type we have in this game. Let’s find out, which bf1 aimbot is the best.

Basic Bf1 Aimbot

Basic aimbots in bf1 are not the best idea, by basic, I mean the ones, which turn your camera. They stick to the target and lead your crosshair, while you can shoot. This method is outdated and absolutely unsafe nowadays.

Fairfight bans everyone, who tries to use this kind of aimbot, they have a new technique to track. Anti-cheat can detect when something turns the camera of the player unnaturally. Using basic aimbot is not safe, avoid doing it, but we have a solution for you — silent Battlefield 1 aimbot.

Silent Battlefield 1 Aimbot

bf1 aimbot

This kind of Battlefield 1 aimbot is the exclusive feature and only can be found at hags-club.com, also used in our BF4 hack. So how does it work: it does not move your camera at all, you move crosshair by yourself, but when it is close to the enemy — color changes to the ESP: Target and then you can press shoot button and all bullets will hit, according to accuracy settings!

Bullets go at the closest bone to the crosshair so your statistics are always very real, take a look at the image. You can see the aim indicator, it means, that bullets will hit this bone if you will start shooting right now.

Aimbot summary

After thinking about the current situation we can clearly say, that silent bf1 aimbot is the best option for aiming assistance. If you don’t want to lost your money for Battlefield 1 account for using hacks, then you need some smart aimbot, not the basic one!

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