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Battlefield 1 articles

Learn how to use your Battlefield 1 HAG, make your gameplay as fun as possible
  • Battlefield 1 aimbot settings

    In this article, we will speak about possible settings for your battlefield 1 aimbot. Our silent aimbot has quite many settings, it can be very precise for your needs, that’s why you need to learn these settings. Settings tab First of all, let’s open hags menu, press END in-game to do it, then go to …

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  • Bones for aimbot

    From the aimbot settings article we already know, that bot.dist_adv allows you to hit bones, which are near crosshair. If bot.dist_adv value is more than the distance, but what happens, when the distance is bigger? Battlefield 1 hack supports bone priority sequences and you can use them to prevent only headshots. You can find a …

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  • Color settings

    In this article, I will explain how to change the colors in the battlefield 1 hack. Changing colors is very important when you try to configure the hack for your personal needs. Default colors are always ok, but you might want to change something. Hag engine allows you to change the color of every part …

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  • Battlefield 1 ESP settings

    Here we will talk about Settings menu and ESP tab. This one will help you to configure the opacity of ESP and which data you want to see. Battlefield 1 ESP allows you to switch on and OFF every part of it, so no need to see more than you like. You can keep ESP …

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  • Bf1 ESP overview

    Which hacks are the most important in FPS games — right, ESP (wallhack) hacks. They allow you to see enemies through the walls, that’s the best thing. But what’s the difference between good ESP hack and the bad one? Good ones look awesome and show all the needed information. On the image you can see, …

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  • Disabling Bf1 aimbot

    Many users asked me how to completely disable aimbot in Battlefield 1. To avoid being a parrot I’ve decided to create an article about it. Many people just want to use a wallhack without aimbot because they think that they aim pretty well, this is reasonable. Step 1 First of all you need to open …

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  • Battlefield 1 aimbot

    Which kind of aimbot do you need? How to stay safe and not get banned for using it? Here I will answer all those questions. To get the better idea how aimbot works let’s take a look at each aimbot type we have in this game. Let’s find out, which bf1 aimbot is the best. …

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  • Bf1 hack overview

    If you are looking for a top Battlefield 1 hack, then you just can’t miss our Bf1 hack which we advertise at our web-site. Hack for Bf1 is a full copy of the bf4 hack because they use absolutely the same engine, FrostBite 3. I am sure, that you will never find any greater hack …

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